my roommate is a yandere
3 chapter 3: A sudden fire
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my roommate is a yandere
Author :flakestar
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3 chapter 3: A sudden fire

Finally school has ended. After changing my shoes i looked outside for niya so we coyld study but..she wasn't there. I asked one of the other students if they've seen her here." sorry man, she left school early today". left school early?, Then why did she invite me to study?. She's not avoiding me is she?. I sighed and walked out with my bike, so much for a great day. I got on and road off. Niya would never leave school early unless something serious happened. I don't know everything about her life, so mabey i should just forget it. Just as i was riding close to the apartment, I smelled something strange, smoke?. I stopped my bike and got off. oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. I ran torwards the building and was on fire!. There were 2 fire trucks outside and a bunch of fire men spraying water on the building. Everyone was outside safe and sound..but..they lost their only only home. Why did this have to happen, of all things. After the fire went down, we were told to stay near the ambulances until further notice. A man in a black suite walked up to us. A women stood up her face full of tears she held onto his suite and cried." where will we stay now, our home is gone, we can't stay on the streets!". The man held her hand calming her down then looked back at us." for those of you who have no other place to stay please stay calm. I am the owner of a home investment and you will all be sent to new homes very soon. for now, please relax". New homes?. I can't live anywhere far from the school, thats when i rembered, i left an envelope of money in my vest pocket!, I quickly checked my pocket and found an envelope full of my savings from the past 2 years. This was my only choice, i need to go back to living normaly. I stood up and walked over to the man he looked at me confused." um..excuse me sir but, i would like to buy my own house". he gave me a strange look, of course i would understand why, a 16 year old boy asking to buy his own house, this would ridiculous. He then smiled at my and placed his hand on my shoulder." of course, if you have to right money, then we can talk". Thats great!. I handed him the envelope, he took out the money and flipped through it, Taking out half of the money, he then handed it to me. He gave me a card." my assistant will help you with finding the house tomorrow, be sure to wake up on time". He walked off and i looked at the money in my hand, 10,000 yen an even 50. We were then taken inside an ambulance that would be taking us to a place to stay for the night. With all of this happening, how will my life go now.


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