my roommate is a yandere
2 chapter 2: my life as a killer
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my roommate is a yandere
Author :flakestar
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2 chapter 2: my life as a killer

"he he. this should be a good place". I dragged the body to a near by dumpster behind the school building. It was almost the end of the day and i was excused from class to go to the bathroom. I only had a little bit of time until the janitor came by to throw out the trash. With all my force i pulled up the body and over into the huge bin. I sighed and caught my breath, this one was a tough one," i should thank lilith for this dagger". It makes a great easy and fast kill. The dagger was like a small sword with a sapphire diamond on the handle, it had a sharp silver pointed end which was good at cutting objects such as medal, wood or what i like to use it for, the human body.Then i suddenly heard whistling coming from around the corner, I ran around the wall to the other side, I had to make sure the body was gone for good. The janitor of course was busy listening to his music and grabbed the bin. He normaly takes the garbage to the end of the gate for the garbage truck, but since today was Wednesday he took it to the incinerator to burn. which would be a perfect way to dispose of the body. The school bell rang which means it was time for students to leave. I sighed and placed my dagger in my bag colsing it shut. I walked back inside the school and changed my shoes, walking out I took out my journal which was a book with a hard black cover, a red diamond on the cover and inside were pictures of all my targets, I flipped through the book and found the person i killed today," check". I used my red marker and crossed out the picture. What a fun day. I smiled and ran off.
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