my roommate is a yandere
1 chapter 1: my normal life
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my roommate is a yandere
Author :flakestar
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1 chapter 1: my normal life

@@I was sleeping in bed with my blanket wraped around me, comfortably i snuggled up inside it. As i dreamt of a perfect day for me, my alarm went off beeping. I streched in bed and sat up, stopping my alarm i looked out the window of my apartment to see the same usual site, cars driving by, my neighbors hanging up their laundry and the sun shining through my window. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom, after brushing my teeth and taking a nice warm bath i got dressed in my school uniform, a formal white shirt with a black vest over it, some grey jeans and my blue sneakers. I grabbed my phone and my bag and walked downstairs to the first floor. Walking out i got onto my bike and road off. the front gate of the school was packed with students, I stoped my bike and chained it to one of the bike stops behind the school building." ok, time to get started". Today i was going to meet up with niya from class 2-A, behind the school at the end of the day to study together. This was the only day i would be able to talk to her without any interference. I planned on finishing all my work so i wouldn't have extra later. The school bell rang and students started entering the building. I walked in , changed my shoes, grabbed my books and went off to my first class.



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