Versatile Mage Rewritten
27 This is the end.
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Versatile Mage Rewritten
Author :FaebyenTheFairy
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27 This is the end.

I began writing Versatile Mage Rewritten soon after discovering my latent talents in writing as a method of forcing myself to practice writing for the sake of writing. That was a while ago, and this…it's not really a "novel", so I'll label it fanfiction for now. This fanfiction has since become obsolete. I no longer require the external pressure of a few readers liking what I write to assist my writing endeavors (though it's still useful) and frankly…I dislike writing this.

Ya see, when I began writing Versatile Mage Rewritten, I hadn't fully developed my ability to think up a complicated, entertaining story—and still haven't, but am way better now—and that reflected in how I wrote this fanfiction. I didn't change much, simply trying to close the gaping plot holes that I deigned to fall into. But now, it's just… 🤢, because the extent to which I am able to use the Versatile Mage setting and characters has far outgrown the actual story (at least, the manhua's story) and continuing to add the Rewritten version with those skills without fully rewriting the previous 20+ chapters just doesn't sit well with me…but I also don't want to rewrite it at all.
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I have more responsibilities now than I did a year ago, and besides having to put aside time to write for this fanfiction being a problem, it just doesn't inspire me. I have my ACTUAL novels to work on, among other things, and am thus fully stopping the production of this fanfiction.

I know this work has some fans, as there are currently 86 (Wow, that's a lot) collections on Webnovel and 32 followers on Royal Road, but trust me when I say…this "fanfiction" is shit. At least, when compared to my best stuff—which takes a lot more time to write and I won't reveal until I have a TON of it written (or if enough people beg). So, please, although there isn't nearly as much wish fulfillment, check out the work that actually challenges me—Journey of 365 Days. There, where I write for one creative writing prompt that I found on a website for each post, I am actually putting in a good amount of effort into writing well, rather than just…narrating what happened in a manhua while only changing some things to make the setting more consistent. Even if it's not your cup of tea, there (and Twitter) is where I'll announce the REAL novel I'll upload once I write enough of it.

Plus, even if you end up not enjoying most of the posts, you'll definitely like some of them; there's a wide variety of genres and styles. And if you DO go there, please gimme your thoughts in the comments! Those help a lot <3


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