Versatile Mage Rewritten
25 Chapter Twenty-Five
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Versatile Mage Rewritten
Author :FaebyenTheFairy
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25 Chapter Twenty-Five

Chapter Twenty-Five

(Correlated with the manhua's chapter 25)

Eyes glowing with hatred, the magical beast sauntered into the wide cave it thought Mo Fan had trapped himself within. Oozing out an aura of confidence and malice with its strut, the demonic wolf faced the human who had just stepped onto the same level as it.

Being met with such a sight, Mo Fan merely scoffed at it.

"Soon enough, you'll be nothing more than a stepping stone on my path of greatness—a fur coat to collect dust in my closet."

Mo Fan was not completely sure of whether the beast could understand human speech, but in the moment he sneered at it, it seemed to get the message. The monster roared, shaking the walls with its mighty lungs before kicking off the ground and pouncing at him.

"On second thought," the boy said, ignoring the incoming magical creature and putting a finger to his chin in mock contemplation, "the rangers here probably won't let me keep your skin, given the fact that you're a summ-"

The second before the wolf sunk its claws into his torso, Mo Fan twisted his upper body and pointed a finger gun at the beast's exposed side.

"Rising Fire—Flames of Death."

A column of fire was born, scorching the wolf's fur, skin, and muscles as it sailed overhead, having missed its initial charge. It may have stopped limiting its speed, but so did Mo Fan. Crackles and high-pitched whines screamed from below Mo Fan as purple lightning engulfed and encased his legs.

The gigantic wolf landed some ways away with a limp, but ignored its injuries in its pursuit of Mo Fan, whose smile shone brighter and more sinister than his spells.

"Lightning Seal—Coiling Stars!"

Adrenaline coursed through the boy as he relished in the exhilaration that came with finally being able to use his secret lightning magic in mortal combat. It had taken quite a bit of restraint on Mo Fan's part to not reveal his amazing secret, even if he already appeared to be a genius to the outside world. After all, to have both of the most destructive elements when many people would kill just to have one of them? And to be in possession of both when everyone else his level was limited to only a single element?

The magical beast he faced was the perfect outlet for the frustration that built up from being unable to show the world his unrivaled talent!
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The creature howled in rage and pain as the lightning shooting from Mo Fan's palm coiled around its form, burning and paralyzing its muscles some. Even after the spell's short duration ended, the beast's muscles spasmed as it attempted to push its ruined body toward its prey, who fell to floor and gasped for air.

*"Damn…I underestimated how much these level two lightning spells cost. Better make the most of what little I have left!"*

The student, despite his precarious situation, laughed in the face of danger and at himself for putting too much magical power into the Coiling Stars. Then, after a few deep breaths, he swallowed his nausea and stood atop his wobbly legs.

"Rising Fire—Flames of Death!"

Mo Fan shouted, then stumbled. His shower of flames shot just in front of the magical beast, burning its nose and sending it reeling back in pain. After a few moments, it refocused on its target and continued lumbering forward, its control over its own legs slowly returning.

Mo Fan could almost swear that the wolf formed a smirk as its putrid slobber slipped by its lips and splashed onto the cold, stone floor.

Then, he chuckled.

"You didn't think I missed, did you?"

With the edges of his lips curling upwards, Mo Fan watched the results of his Flames of Death in triumph.

Humongous stalactites, collectively larger than the gigantic demonic wolf itself, rained down in a shower of spiky death.


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