Versatile Mage Rewritten
14 Chapter Fourteen
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Versatile Mage Rewritten
Author :FaebyenTheFairy
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14 Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

(Correlated with the manhua's chapter 14)

At the center of the stadium, with hundreds of eyes present to witness their exchange, Mu Zhuo Yun made his offer once more.

"So, young man, what is your answer?" Mu Zhuo Yun stood with his chin high, chest forward, and arms held behind him, exuding an aura as if to say, "This is the best offer you'll ever receive. Choose wisely."

Still fuming, Mo Fan took a few seconds to suppress his fury as he attempted to control his violent urges. "Go to Hell." He managed to squeeze through his gritted teeth.

Behind Mo Fan stood the principal of Tian Lan Magic High School, clearly worried about Mo Fan's lack of respect. "Student Mo Fan… Not only is he an honorary director of this school, but he's also the current chairman of the Mu family. With the support of him and his family, your strength will grow by leaps and bounds! No need to be so rash. Just think it ov-"

Unable to hold himself back, Mo Fan interrupted the principal, yelling at Mu Zhuo Yun, "I will never accept anything from the likes of you and your family! The Heavens will be sundered before I forgive you!"

Mo Fan appeared to be on the verge of attacking the man, causing many to wonder what could have happened between them to elicit such a reaction.

"Student Mo Fan! Don't be unreasonable!" The principal firmly placed a hand on Mo Fan's shoulder and berated him for his behavior, trying to persuade him to apologize. It was then that Mu He came down from his personal booth and spoke with Mu Zhuo Yun.

"Elder brother, this Mo Fan is the scoundrel who abducted the young miss three years ago! At the time, you even sympathized with him! Who would've thought that he would repay your kindness with such resentment?!"

"I'm aware, brother. I just think we should leave that in the past now that he's revealed himself to be a talent. Better if he joins us than opposes us."

Suddenly, Mo Fan noticed a figure approaching from the corner of his eye which brought stability to his mind. This was no longer a failed recruitment by the Mu family, it was then a Heaven-sent opportunity. With a change in perspective, Mo Fan lifted a hand to point at Mu Zhuo Yun before roaring, "It's people like you that I hate the most! Suppressing the weak because you can and then switching faces once you see possible benefit!" By then, the entire audience of students sat on the edge of their seats, anticipating a grand show as a result of Mo Fan's disrespect. "Listen to me, you old bastard! I'm going to get back everything you owe me and my father!"

"Humph." Mu Zhuo Yun snorted. "Such impunity!" The man began releasing his potent magical energy, dropping the temperature of the entire stadium by tens of degrees. The various teachers and students wondered why Mo Fan had to open his mouth like he did, questioning if he had a death wish.

At that moment, the approaching figure finally arrived, putting an arm out in front of Mu Zhuo Yun while facing Mo Fan.

"Father, don't bother yourself with this. Let me handle it."

There, Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue stood a few meters apart, glaring into each other's eyes. The tension was so thick that the nearby principal could almost see the complicated emotions boiling within the two students.

Not wanting to take too long, Mo Fan spoke. "Ah, I was so gullible back then that I believed your words." He closed his eyes in an expression of self-pity for a bit before returning to his previous glare. "You members of the Mu family are all cut from the same ugly cloth!"

Then, he did the unthinkable.


Mo Fan lifted both arms in the casting of the spell, pouring his magical energy into an imposing fireball which even caused some students to gasp.


"Ice vine. FREEZE!"

Out from Mu Ningxue poured an even more dazzling display of magic as a deathly cold put out the attack and then went on to hit Mo Fan, causing ice to form over parts of his body as he fell to his knees, nearly frozen.

"Apologize to my father!" She yelled.

"Dream… DREAM ON!"

To Mo Fan's surprise, it was Mu Zhuo Yun's turn to hold Mu Ningxue back. "That's enough, Ningxue. I know what he's so upset about." Then he turned to the principal, who still stood shocked at the events which transpired in front of him.

"Principal, how about this? I have a foster son named Yu Ang who is about the same age as Mo Fan. Since he wants to pick a fight, why don't we let them duel each other when they both come of age? If Mo Fan wins, I'll owe him a favor and fulfill any one request."

Mu Zhuo Yun's wish to move on from that bit of drama with Mo Fan while also ensuring Mo Fan's future punishment was not lost on the principal, but he had no choice but to agree with his idea. After all, Mo Fan had publicly offended one of the most powerful families in the city with no regard to his own safety. The principal neither had a reason nor the power to assist Mo Fan any more than that.

"T-that would be fine."

Already using his magical energy to melt the ice off his body, Mo Fan stuttered, "Th-that's exactly what I w-wanted!"

Turning to leave, Mu Zhuo Yun said, "Let's go, Ningxue." Then thought, "What an arrogant brat. You'll get exactly what you deserve in three years from now!"

At their retreating figures, Mo Fan yelled, "I'm going to win that fight! Just you wait!"
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