Versatile Mage Rewritten
11 Chapter Eleven
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Versatile Mage Rewritten
Author :FaebyenTheFairy
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11 Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

(Correlated with the manhua's chapter 11)

Within a grand, indoor stadium, the entire Tian Lan Magic High School was gathered for the first-year students' magic examinations. In reality, the examinations could be taken privately because the only quality tested for was the strength of one's magical energy, which was tested with a simple magical device. Yet, all schools made big deals out of having students individually test in front of a large audience for the sake of putting on a pompous display, as it was the case that students had the opportunity to show off their power after the test. Various institutions and large magician families, like the Mu, used the occasion to show off the talent of their geniuses and recruit any that weren't already taken.

"Hey, who's that girl down there?"

"WHAT? You don't recognize Mu Ningxue of the main Mu family branch?! Not only does she carry a prestigious name, but she's also an exceptional magician—at just the age of fifteen, she was handpicked by the imperial magic academy for special admission!"

"Damn! She's THAT skilled?!"

In the booth designated for the examination judges, the magicians who graded the students taking the examination, sat Mu Ningxue speaking to one of the judges, who was invited to inspire the Tian Lan Magic High students with her presence. Upon noticing Mu Ningxue, Xiao Hou nudged Mo Fan.

"Brother Fan, work hard so you can enroll in the Imperial Magic Academy! That way, the members of the Mu Family will stop caring so much about you and Mu Ningxue."

Mo Fan's face stiffened at the mention of his personal business, but it didn't matter enough to complain about. Zhou Kun San, on the other hand…

"HA HA HA!" Mu Bai's sycophant, upon hearing Xiao Hou, bent over from laughing too hard. "Should you really be talking about the imperial magic academy with someone who's about to get expelled?"

Xiao Hou immediately rushed at Zhou Kun San, grabbing his jacket and headbutting him. Strangely, Zhou Kun San expected the attack and countered with his own headbutt, making the ordeal more painful for the both of them.


"Obviously it's the person who was unable to cast magic during the practical magic class from two weeks ago~"

Unbeknownst to the two loudmouths, their homeroom teacher stood near them.

"I don't know whether Mo Fan is going to be expelled, but if you two continue to cause trouble, I will ensure that both of you are expelled right now."

Next to Zhou Kun San, Mu Bai sneakily glanced at Mo Fan, thinking, "Heh. Soon you'll be little more than a vagrant. As for me? I'll be publicly acknowledged as a genius!" Mu Bai remembered to a couple days prior at his family mansion when he spoke to his father.

"Mu Bai, Mu Ningxue will be there to spectate the upcoming examination. Don't disappoint us." He was told. "By the way, what ever happened to that wretch, Mo Fan?"

At his father's mention of Mo Fan, Mu bai smirked. "Him? He awakened a fire affinity but still hasn't been able to cast any magic. I think he'll be forced to drop out soon."

Lighting a cigar, his father laughed. "Heh! I knew he wasn't suited for the noble world of magicians." Mu He took a long puff from the cigar. "However, just to be absolutely sure, I think it's only appropriate we prepare a special gift for him."

"Next up—Mu Bai!"

Mu Bai was summoned back to the present when he heard his name called by one of the examination judges.

"Young Master Mu Bai! Good luck! Show them who's boss!" Zhou Kun San's encouragement followed Mu Bai as he made his way to the stadium.
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"No need to be nervous." The judge told him, smiling. He was aware of Mu Bai's background and ice elemental affinity, expecting wonderful results. "Simply place your hands on the orb and fill it with magical energy."

Standing in front of a glass-like sphere larger than his head, Mu Bai close his eyes, inhaled deeply, and placed his hands on the orb's surface, fully knowledgeable of the quality of his magical energy, reveling in the future he knew would come true—himself overshadowing every other magician, becoming the strongest.

Filled with his magical energy, the orb glowed and sparkled a beautiful shade of light blue with such intensity that shocked everyone unaware of Mu Bai's talent. Displayed on a large monitor overheard the stadium was a picture of Mu Bai accompanied by some of his information like his name, class, and elemental affinity. Beside his photo appeared the ratings the judges had given him—a total score of ten out of ten, the highest rating.

Behind a large window within a private booth stood Mu He and Mu Ningxue, watching the examination results.

"Miss, what do you think of his magic ability?" Mu He wanted to gauge Mu Ningxue's opinion of Mu Bai, but Mu Ningxue did nothing to hide her boredom when she replied.

"It's average."

Down on the stadium, Mu Bai transitioned from taking the magical energy examination to the optional combat evaluation, which surprised no one. Most students with average magical energy ratings didn't bother, but almost everyone with a rating past seven out of ten did so.

"I request to take the magic casting test!"

Looking forward to seeing Mu Bai's skill, one of the judges responded, "You may begin when I land on the stadium." Then, he jumped up and onto the stadium to face Mu Bai.

"Although I don't think I can succeed, this will definitely boost my status." Mu bai thought, as he stared at the judge on the other side of the stadium. The judge was a wind mage and his job was to dodge all attacks and throw some of his own, but only at the level of a beginner mage, the level the students were at.

"Good luck, Mu Bai." The judged said, before performing a technique and shooting wind blades at Mu Bai.

Having prepared for this mock battle, Mu Bai smiled, then cast his own spell.

"Ice vine!"


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