Versatile Mage Rewritten
6 Chapter Six
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Versatile Mage Rewritten
Author :FaebyenTheFairy
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6 Chapter Six

Chapter Six

(Correlated with the manhua's chapter 6)

Ending the venture into his soul realm, Mo Fan mumbled, "Yes, yes. Now you realize that I…"

Then, he opened his eyes.


Confusion surfaced in Mo Fan as he swept the classroom with his eyes, taking in the strange sight of the many rows of empty seats, only understanding the situation upon hearing the exclamations from the class next door.

"Lightning element! Someone in class 7 awakened the lightning element!"

"Wow! It's the lightning element!"

"I can't believe I managed to see the awakening of the lightning element with my own eyes!"

The door to class 7 was packed with students from the surrounding classrooms trying to catch a glimpse at the lucky student who awakened one of the most powerful elements. Within the classroom, the student who awakened it wasn't particularly happy about the attention he was receiving, mumbling about how he would have been fine with the fire element.

Standing outside the crowd of students was Mo Fan's homeroom teacher, similarly excited about the development, thinking, "It's really the rare lightning element. The homeroom teacher of class 7 must be quite proud!" before telling his class, "Alright, we have seen enough. Let's go back. Don't forget that Mo Fan is still awakening his magic."

Remembering how the awakening sphere had stalled and not immediately shown an element when Mo Fan used it, a student cynically asked, "So what? What good can come out of the lowest-ranked student?"

Mo Fan's rude classmate didn't bother lowering his voice when he spoke, showing clear disregard for Mo Fan.

*"Speaking in such a loud voice! Do you think I'm deaf?! So what if that other student awakened the lightning element? I did too!"*

Then, just as Mo Fan thought to remove his hand from the crystal ball and return to his seat, the awakening sphere changed color!

*"Wha-what's going on? Why is it turning red?!"*
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Before Mo Fan could panic at the strange situation, his classmates began returning from viewing class 7's lightning element awakening.

"Fire element! Brother Fan, you have the fire element!"

Eyes wide in glee, Xiao Hou announced Mo Fan's results to the classmates that hadn't yet arrived, annoying Zhou Kun San in particular.

"How could such a loser possess the fire element! Zhang Xiao Hou, you're not only a bootlicker, but a liar!"

Unfazed by the accusation, Xiao Hou gloatingly replied, "If you don't believe me, look for yourself!"

After smacking the two loud students upside the head, the teacher turned to Mo Fan with praise. "Fire element! Not bad. It proves you have great potential! Though, of course, remember to never let it get to your head and diligently train!"

While walking back to his seat, Mo Fan passed Mu Bai, not bothering to make eye contact. He never considered Mu Bai his rival, only a silent jerk who let his ass-kisser do the talking for him. Eye contact could give Mu Bai the impression that Mo Fan cared, thus he avoided it.

"Brother Fan, Brother Fan! The fire element! You're really cool!"

Back in their desks, Xiao Hou couldn't contain his excitement, constantly congratulating Mo Fan.

"Heh, thank you."

*"These people, minus Xiao Hou, only look at me with respect after I awakened the fire element. I wonder how they'd react if they knew I also awakened the lightning element."*

It sickened Mo Fan how quickly his classmates' attitudes changed as soon as Mo Fan awakened a rare element. That kind of insincere attitude was why Mo Fan appreciated Xiao Hou so much, someone who liked Mo Fan for his personality instead of circumstance.

*"I not only possess dual elements, but my elements are among the most powerful ones. The Heavens are helping me! Dad, just wait! I will apply double the effort into cultivation and become the strongest magician! Then we shall see who dares look down on us!"*

While Mo Fan was envisioning the future, his teacher was singing praises of the school's newest students in his head. "Our class contains two fire element magicians and one ice element while class 7 has a lightning mage. It seems talented students are emerging."

Then he addressed the class. "Congratulations to everyone for a successful magic awakening! However, this is just the beginning." The teacher paused to write on the chalkboard. "Next up, we will start the first lesson of being a magician…" He paused to build suspense. "Releasing the magic!"


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