Versatile Mage Rewritten
5 Chapter Five
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Versatile Mage Rewritten
Author :FaebyenTheFairy
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5 Chapter Five

Chapter Five

(Correlated with the manhua's chapter 5)

"Outstanding!"—the teacher praised—"It's the ice element! Cultivate it well and let it grow stronger!" Then, he thought, "His innate talent actually managed to freeze the awakening sphere. His future shows great promise!"

Walking back to his seat, Mu Bai silently let out a sigh as he thanked the Heavens that his background didn't fail him, thinking, "Yes! As fate would have it, I possess my family's signature element. Now I can get even closer to the main family!"

"Worthy of being a Mu!"—Zhou Kun San began kissing ass—"A very powerful element indeed! It won't be long before you start practicing with the eldest daughter of the Mu family!" Then he took another jab at Mo Fan. "Hey, the one who used connections, don't pay this much mind. Constantly comparing yourself with your betters will only make you angry~"

To which Xiao Hou turned around in his seat and yelled, "Damn you, Zhao! Go die!"

Annoyed at the interruption, the teacher threatened, "Zhang Xiao Hou, what's all the noise about? Don't you want to take the awakening test?"

Losing all the ferocity from before, he weakly replied, "I… I want to…"


"Zhang Xiao Hou, wind element! Next is…student ranked last, Mo Fan!"

*"Finally! No more interruptions! My journey will, at long last, begin…"*

Uncaring of the dozens of eyes on him, Mo Fan stood from his seat and approached the awakening sphere. Besides the bountiful suspense he felt, a tiny bit of fear crept up within him. It didn't really matter to him which element he awakened, only the possibility that he wouldn't awaken any at all scared him. What if there really was a mistake when measuring his magical potential and they marked him as having it when he didn't? The immense hopelessness that he'd feel would likely crush him.

"Brother Fan, good luck!"—Xiao Hou encouraged—"Ignore that bastard Zhou Kun San!"

"Mo Fan, put a hand above the awakening sphere. Feel your inner strength. Close your eyes and trust in yourself."

Heart beating too fast to be healthy, Mo Fan shakily placed a hand onto the crystal ball. It was time.

*"Breathe in, breathe out. Everything will be fine."*

Now able to clear his mind, Mo Fan waited.

"There…is no reaction? Is it supposed to be transparent?"

"Did the awakening really fail…?"

Mo Fan's classmates awkwardly watched as the sphere in front of Mo Fan did not change in any way, which was very strange to them, because in everyone else's case, the awakening sphere immediately changed color.

Yet again, Zhou Kun San began mocking Mo Fan. "Hey everyone, what did I say? He is the lowest-ranked student. What element could he possess?"

"Brother Fan will definitely awaken a powerful element! Just you watch, you pile of shit!"

"Shit? You're covered in it."

Immediately, the teacher slapped Xiao Hou and Zhou Kun San upside the head with a book and had them stand outside the classroom to reflect on their behavior.

Meanwhile, Mo Fan suddenly felt a strange power awaken within him with the crystal ball's assistance, causing his consciousness to be moved.

*"Is this what it's like to project my consciousness into my soul realm? It looks like there's nothing here…"*

Mo Fan found himself floating around aimlessly within a vast open, and empty, space.

*"The book said that upon awakening my magic, a cluster of stars or something similar will appear…"*
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Then, without warning, Mo Fan found his projection bathed in a soft glow. Willing his projection to turn around, he gaped in awe at what looked like a spiral galaxy hanging far above him, the experience surreal.

*"Star cluster! It came out of nowhere!"*

At that moment, Mo Fan's attention was completely absorbed by a particular detail of his star cluster which struck him like a thunderbolt.

*"Wait, this star cluster…it's purple! Could it be that I've awakened…"*

In the classroom, the teacher and students were immediately bewitched by a surprising purple light.

"Good heavens! The lightning element!"

"The heaven-shattering lightning element!"


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