Versatile Mage Rewritten
3 Chapter Three
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Versatile Mage Rewritten
Author :FaebyenTheFairy
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3 Chapter Three

Chapter Three

(Correlated with the manhua's chapter 3)

The final exams had just finalized that day and Mo Fan and Xiao Hou were on their ways home.

"FREEDOM! YEAH~" Xiao Hou performed a little celebratory dance as he walked beside Mo Fan.

"Brother Fan, what are your plans for after graduation?"

"C'mon, Xiao Hou, we've talked about this." Mo Fan laughed softly. "We're both aiming for the same place!"

"Heh heh, I know, Brother Fan, but you've expressed your worries about not being able to make it, so I just want to make sure you're still determined!"
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Xiao Hou cheerily smiled as he said, "After all, it'd be great if we enter Tian Lan Magic High School together!" Then, Xiao Hou spotted a vending machine from afar. "Ah, Brother Fan, wait here while I go buy us some drinks."

Mo Fan gave his thanks and watched Xiao Hou cross the street, before stopping to lean on the wall beside him.

*"Wait, I didn't tell him which drink to ge-"*

Mo Fan's thoughts were interrupted when he heard a familiar voice speak from the other side of the wall he leaned on.

"Jia Xing, I've already shown consideration to your family."

*"Mu He and dad?!"*

Mo Fan peaked through a metal gate attached to the wall to see his father speaking with his boss, Mu He.

"Back then, even when your son committed such a horrendous act, I still let you keep your job. This time, it's a bit too much. Just go-"

"PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU!" Mo Fan watched in fury as his father got on his knees to bow to his boss. "Elder Brother Mu He! Please, reconsider my request just this once!"

Mu He looked down at Mo Jia Xing with irritation in his eyes, asking, "Jia Xing, why are you doing this?"

Desperation clear in his voice, Jia Xing pleaded, "I only need your help to put my son into Tian Lan Magic High…the tuition is too much for my family!"

"Don't even bother!" Mu He scoffed, "Even if your son had both the aptitude to begin magic and enough intelligence to pass his classes, there's no way he'd achieved anything."

At this point, Mo Jia Xing lowered himself and bowed his head further. "Brother Mu…if you help us out this last time…" He took in a deep breath before promising, "We will limit our interactions with the Mu Jia House at once! Rest assured, my little brat will stay far away from Young Lady Mu Ningxue!"

Finally hearing something he liked, Mu He responded, "Oh? Now that offer, I can consider."

As if graced by the very Heavens themselves, Mo Jia Xing's face transformed into one of delight as he profusely thanked his boss.

"Bluntly speaking, however, I can only offer your son a seat in the school. I will do nothing to assist him in succeeding."

"Yes, yes! My son will definitely be full of gratitude toward you!"

When Xiao Hou returned he found that Mo Fan not only looked irritated, but was waiting a bit farther from where he'd left him. He wasn't sure what happened, so he hesitated before asking, "Hey Brother Fan, I'm back…but what's wrong? Did something happen?"

Realizing his emotions were showing, Mo Fan quickly masked them. "It's nothing. Let's go."


Back home with his father, Mo Fan stuck around until Mo Jia Xing decided to broach the subject on his mind.

"Son, I have good news."

Since Mo Jia Xing was washing dishes, his back was turned, allowing Mo Fan to cringe at the memory of how his father lowered himself to beg on his behalf.

"You will be able to go to Tian Lan Magic High School if you're discovered to have magical potential! Aren't you excited? I happened to meet a friend at the dean's office and was able to arrange a seat for you."

Holding back the turmoil in his mind, Mo Fan did his best to act the part he knew would comfort his father. "Ha ha! That's awesome! I'm unworthy of being the son of such a great man!"

Mo Jia Xing's head turned to give Mo Fan a soft, loving smile. "Heh heh, leave it to your old man! I may be a mere driver, but I still have some connections."

"Though," He continued, "We'll have to economize and save as much as possible, maybe even rent out our house since you'll be at boarding school and I'll mostly be doing long-distance work. What do you think?"

"Alright! Thanks, dad!"


In bed that night, Mo Fan found himself unable to sleep, thinking too much.

*"I thought that things would be different in this world…"* He found himself clenching his fists in anger. *"But father still has to demean himself before people born luckier than him! Reality is still so cruel…"*

Mo Fan felt rage course through his veins as he sat up in his bed, promising to the world, "I will succeed in becoming a great magician! BETTER THAN ALL OF THEM!"


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