Versatile Mage Rewritten
2 Chapter Two
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Versatile Mage Rewritten
Author :FaebyenTheFairy
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2 Chapter Two

Chapter Two

(Correlated with the manhua's chapter 2)

"Ah, Mo Fan, take advantage of the several days before testing, otherwise you will only accomplish a mere fraction of Mu Bai's score on the exam."

While teaching, Mo Fan's teacher went out of his way to lecture Mo Fan on his results, clearly unhappy with the scores of his tests. Of course, Mu Bai's sycophant had to take advantage of the situation to apply salt to the wound.

"Mo Fan, meaning 'fine example', huh? I wonder if your father picked out the wrong name for you, right? If anyone followed your example, they'd find themselves in ruin! Wouldn't it be better to change your name?"

Mu Bai said nothing, but the smirk on his face made it clear what his opinion of the matter was.

"Zhou Kun San! Don't speak like that to Brother Fan!" Xiao Hou then turned to Mo Fan with admiration in his eyes. "Brother Fan, just as expected of someone so levelheaded, you don't get angry!"

To which Mo Fan replied, "Humph! They're being childish. No need to pay them any attention."

*"After I understand this world, THEN we will see who has the last laugh!"*


"All right, class. This is it for today. Everyone, remember to review all the important parts of the examination several times!"
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Dismissed from class, Mo Fan and Xiao Hou were on their way home when Mo Fan asked, "Xiao Hou, where is the school library?"

"Library? Ah, it's right over there." He pointed somewhere to their right. "Brother Fan, you aren't ill, right?"

Ignoring the sarcastic question, Mo Fan went on his way. "Thank you. I want to check some information. You can go home without me."

Xiao Hou was left confused, wondering to himself why Mo Fan would possibly want to go to the library. Xiao Hou didn't believe that Mo Fan actually studied very hard, as was expected when Mo Fan had such low scores.

"Check some information? Seriously?" Xiao Hou whispered to himself. "I doubt that Zhao Kun San angered Mo Fan enough that he'd want to become super studious…"

Yet, contrary to Xiao Hou's belief, not only did Mo Fan study a lot, but he was going to the library for that exact purpose! However, not to study for the exams.

"History of magic laws…"

Mo Fan sat himself down at a table within the library with a stack of books he found pertaining to the world's history and how magic affected it.

*"I see now. This society has divided the people into two groups: magicians and ordinary citizens. The normal people are responsible for most mundane affairs like the production of goods while magicians are required to protect everyone from invasion and harm, maintaining order all over the world. Magicians are considered the heroes of this world."*

Mo Fan then looked into the requirements of becoming a mage.

*"As expected, I need this so-called 'magic awakening', which can only occur at high school age if I have the talent for magic. Not just anyone can become a magician."*

Mo Fan was almost discouraged after reading that few people of the total population have the talent to go through their magic awakening, until he remembered his own circumstances.

*"That's right! I'm special! Since I'm not from this world and was brought here by what seems to be Old Man Ying's heavenly treasure, there's actually little chance that I DON'T have the talent for magic!"*

His spirit invigorated, Mo Fan read on.

*"So, a person can only awaken one power, different people will awaken different powers, and most magicians awaken one of the natural elements, for example, wind, fire, light, lightning, ice, or earth. And there are elements like summoning, too? Interesting."*

Mo Fan took in a deep breath, arranging his thoughts as he returned the books to their shelves.

*"Right now, there are really only three obstacles to becoming a real magic-wielding mage! First, I need the talent for magic, which I probably already have since I was transported to this world. Second, I need to keep up with the magician classes in high school… I can only hope that I will. Third and most importantly…high school for magicians is expensive, and money is something my dad doesn't have much of. What will I do?"*

Mo Fan contemplated working, but even if he could somehow earn enough to cover the school expenses, would he be able to earn it before the window of time for his magic awakening closed? Unlikely.

"Oh, man. If I waste Old Man Ying's gift of sending me here, could I ever forgive myself?"

Mo Fan returned to the library desk, sitting in the chair and slumping over as he evaluated his future.

*"I can't waste Old Man Ying's gift. No way will I waste it."*

He sighed. "Old Man Ying…"

Then, just as he felt tears gathering in his eyes, Mo Fan shouted, "Old Man Ying!" startling other students in the library. Mo Fan wasted no time as he sped out the library and school as fast as his legs could take him.

*"Could it be, Old Man Ying…"*

Mo Fan ran even beyond the point his body allowed, forcing his muscles to take him forward until his eyes rested upon a very familiar mountain. Cobblestone step by cobblestone step, Mo Fan ignored the screams of his aching legs and burning lungs.

He had to know. No matter the price.

After what felt like an eternity, Mo Fan was met with…a clearing in the trees. Untouched, as though humans had never walked the Earth, the forest on the mountain had not a single sign of the wooden house which Mo Fan had grown to love.

"Old Man…Ying."

For the third time, Mo Fan's eyes released cascades of tears as he fell to the ground, hands on his knees, kneeling in a seiza. Then, he kowtowed to the now-empty mountain.

Nothing would stop Mo Fan from becoming a magician.


Done with grieving, Mo Fan made it back home to find that his father was present.

*"Good. We can have this conversation immediately."*

After seating at the dinner table and being served food by his father, Mo Fan was completely mentally prepared.

"Mo Fan, what's wrong? You don't like the dish I prepared for you today?"

"Eh! N-not at all! These are all the things I love to eat! Heh, heh…"

Or so he thought.

"Son, do you have something you need to get off your chest?"

Mo Jia Xing had immediately determined that something was off with his son as soon as he sat at the dinner table, and wanted to help with whatever trouble plagued him.

"Dad, I-"

Mo Fan sucked in the feelings of guilt and anxiety which tormented him, doing his best to arrange his thoughts.

"I want to become a magician!"

Mo Fan slowly looked up at his father, seeing the uncomfortable expression on his face. Immediately, his guilt intensified, but he did not let go of his resolve.

He continued, "I know I achieved poor results in class, and our living situa-"


"I know, it's too expensive for us, but I know that if I awaken I can achieve grea-"


Instantly, Mo Fan's head lowered, unable to look his father in the eye. He knew he was asking too much for his family's current economic state, but NOT asking wasn't an option! Mo Fan had been sent from his past world, where he had few opportunities due to his lack of intelligence, to this new one, which gave him the chance to become a grand figure who could repay his father for all that he'd done! There was also Old Man Ying, who died before Mo Fan's very eyes and was likely responsible for the world transfer.

Two people Mo Fan wanted to make proud. He needed to seize the opportunity at all costs.

"Father, I will do whatever it ta-"

Suddenly, Mo Jia Xing sat on the opposite chair from Mo Fan, determination in his eyes as he asked his son, "Have you made up your mind to pursue magic?"

"Eh, I-"

The answer to the question was obvious, but Mo Fan was still caught off guard by his father's straightforward response.


Taking a moment to suppress his nervous shaking and solidify his heart, Mo Fan stood up from his chair and put a hand atop the pendant which hung from his neck.

"It is truly my destiny to study magic, father!"


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