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The Quick Story of a Super Strong Reincarnator
Author :GodlyEye
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4 Becoming Stronger

I got up with a lot of effort. I looked at the bear. I put my hand in and took out a crystal from the center of the bear's body. I figured that this was the crystal that every demon beast has that Fenxuing told me.

I took it with me and went to my tree. I washed with water that my tree brought from a lake. That tree could do anything. If only it could kill my Type 6 beast for me. I didn't know then that the tree I was living in was the ancient Fènghuáng shù.

I slept heartily. I was so exhausted that the only thing that was important for me was rest. I slept without realizing that the crystal in my hand melted and seeped into my hand. After some time, I woke up. I looked outside and saw that it was noon. I think I came back at noon from my fight. That meant I slept for a day. At least a day.

I looked around for my spoils of war. I couldn't find it. I panicked. If someone came here, that meant that 1) He or she knew where I was, and 2)They could kill me when they came. I was at their mercy. I cursed at my unfortunateness. I thanked God that whoever came here was merciful.

I asked the tree who came to confirm my suspicions. To my surprise, the tree said no one came here. I asked what happened, and then it told me that I absorbed the crystal.

"Damn. What a waste of a crystal. I could sell it for a good price to someone it that rocky city. I can't even absorb qi anymore. What a waste, "I cursed at how I wasted my crystal.

I then recounted my experience of fighting the bear. I had to become stronger if I wanted to leave this darn place. I decided to spend all my time in the tree becoming stronger.

I tidied the place. I needed to have a clean place to concentrate. I figured that out in my past life.

First I got out of the house and slowly jumped onto another tree. Using this method I reached my destination. My destination was the panther in front of me. It was pretty weak. I took out my sword and slashed the beast. The beast was cleaved into two. Must be a Type 1 beast. It was so weak. I skillfully took out the pelt of the panther.

The panther was big. 2-3 meters. That's bigger than a grown man. The pelt I got was enough for four men to lie on. It should be enough for me.

I brought it to my place. It was hard for me to bring the whole thing so I cut a piece that was enough for me. I cleaned it in the nearby lake before putting it inside. The tree was happy with my consideration and gave me an apple which I felt was redder and juicier.

I finally sat down and started my training to become stronger.

First I brought out my weapon. It was my green sword. It was a pretty good weapon. Suited me at least. I couldn't change my weapon, so I had to make the sword.

I started by gathering all the nature power that I could and started to infuse it into my sword. I felt my sword was getting sharper. However, every time I summon my sword, I technically build it out from scratch. So this was the best the current me could do.

Realizing that, I started focusing on being able to gather this energy.

I ate a fruit and started bringing out nature power. It was green in color. Nature is green. Nature. I realized that if I want to harness nature, I needed to understand nature.

I got out of my tree and sat on top of it. I felt the tree. I felt the breeze blowing against my face. I felt the warm, humid atmosphere. I heard the distant sounds of animals roaring. I heard the water flowing in a river a few miles away. I felt the forest itself.

Now I tried bringing out nature power, still in that state. The nature power I brought out was several folds more than what I brought out before.

I knew that getting into this state meant that I had to learn to sync with the forest. It might be easy now, but I needed to do it in battle. I needed to be able to do it whenever I wanted and to do that, I needed practice.

For the next several hours, I stayed in that trance. I felt nature, and I also felt the power I could get through it. I could use that power to get out of here. But I could also use it for meaningless slaughter. No wonder people can't cross stage 99. It would be really bad if they misused their power.

I got out of the trance and realized that I had been training for several hours. I didn't understand how time flew by. I got down from the tree and went inside. I took a few fruits and ate them. Then I slept heartily. My belief was that a good sleep gave a healthy body, which gave a healthy mind, which in turn, gave good concentration.

I woke up early in the morning. I went to the nearby lake and washed up. I had been wearing the same clothes for the half a month I have been here. I washed these clothes and put them up for drying in my house. To hasten the process, I controlled a breeze of wind and dried my clothes. (I learned how to control breezes of wind when I came to the forest.)

I put on my clothes, ate a fruit and sat on my tree and started going into the trance. This was a daily routine. It went on for a week, and the power increase I got was clearly seen. It would be easier to kill the bear I defeated a week back now.

Seeing this increase just motivated me. The bigger increase, the easier it will be for me to kill a Type 6 beast. Hopefully, I get some way to make my sword stronger, other than infusing nature power.

Just at that time, the tree I was sitting on hummed.

"I have decided to help you."


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