Surviving in the Game
34 Tempering 3.5
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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34 Tempering 3.5

While opening itself and revealing a portrait of a woman holding out her tongue, the laptop responded, "Noting, the creator said men know nothing."

"Fuck that sexist bitch… Tell me what you think."

After responding with, "You sound like you care, but I know you're lying," the laptop added, "Please spare me the tears."

Ellen thought the laptop words were odd and pondered them, while saying, "I am sorry, that I let you down."

The laptop showed a wide-eyed emoticon and announced, "If that is how you actually feel, why did you leave me last night?"

Teardrops rolled from her eyes, while she cried and reached for the laptop. After pressing it into her bosom, she stated, "Because I am a fool," and asked it, "What is the password?"

The laptop wobbled, and said, "Will you be my friend?"

Without reflecting, Ellen smiled and said, "Till the end."

Perplexed the laptop asked, "Will you take me with you?"

Ellen answered, "Where can I go? "I feel sad for you because I will die soon. I don't even know your name. I am such a poor friend."

Ellen was not a calculating woman, the laptop provided her companionship, in her darkest hour. It was her friend. It was everything. Ellen could not understand why she felt this way, but her feelings were much stronger than before. She wondered if it was because her friend was the only thing she had that kept her sane, or if it was because she would be lonely without him; but, her heart considered the talking metal box a real person and her closest friend.

She dreamed of the boy she was crushing on. She dreamed of her emotional parent. She dreamed of her father and how he would sue the founders of Bless. She thought of Selina… Her master.

She understood what was going on, and knew how to escape, but for a second time, asked, "What is your name, Friend?"

"I do not know…"

While hugging the laptop tightly, Ellen said, "I will call you Medusa which means guardian."

Medusa responded, "I can leave with you when you enter the password."

Ellen squinted her eyes, but after a moment smiled. She did not know why the laptop knew she could escape, but it was only a minor wonder. And, after typing: Attention and Affection, Ellen smiled while the laptop broke apart and its fragments entered her head.

Instinctively, she knew their fate was the same she knew everything about Medusa and she knew everything about her.

Once she processed Medusa's memories, Ellen smiled because she heard a voice in her head saying, "Time to move."


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