Surviving in the Game
33 Tempering 3
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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33 Tempering 3

Ellen inspected the reaper and knew she was no match for it. She then turned around and entered the room again and placed her back on the door. Ellen's body shook while she heard his scythe grind on the floor outside of her haven.

She wondered why the reaper is not attempting to enter but could figure nothing out.

Her heart beat on her chest, but her thoughts were clear. She wondered why she was so calm and what was going on. But, she could not find answers. After collecting herself, Ellen looked around and used the bookshelf to cover the door. Now, she could breathe. However, the sound of the scythe grinding away at the floor kept reminding her that she is not safe.

Ellen checked around again, but could the only thing of note were the books and the laptop.

"Why is everything so abnormal," she thought while looking at the laptop. She remembered the banter from before and smiled; it was silly, but she was lonely, and it was perhaps it was her last interaction before she would starve to death.

She found comfort in that she saved her mother and showed that laptop a dreadful smile.

"Why so sad little girl?"

Ellen gave off a morbid smile and said "The grim reaper is too strong. My mother might be dead and I am hungry, and if that is not all… I will die of slow, painful death or be forced to kill myself."

The laptop wiggled around and asked, "Why not fight then?"

Ellen pondered the question and thought about fighting the reaper, but the fear in her heart caused her to give up on the idea, so she responded, "What for?"

"Pride, hope or maybe just to see your mother again?"

Ellen wondered why the laptop and not teasing her, but how it was showing interest in her and asked, "Why do you care?"

"Because you're the new thing around here."

Ellen layed on the floor and turned her head toward the laptop and said, "Am I in an experiment?"

"Maybe how would I know?"

Its response made Ellen wonder. Perhaps the laptop is not being controlled, but is a different person? But she sighed while asking, "What do you know?"


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