Surviving in the Game
32 Tempering 2
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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32 Tempering 2

Suddenly, Ellen heard, "She is waking." And, was put back to sleep.

Ellen once again opened her eyes, but this time, she could read a red sign above her head that said hospital. She lifted her arms, but the heavy chains limited their movement because heavy chains are heavy.

She thought, "Why the fuck am I chained to a chair," and looked around the room. While there was a key on the floor that was begging to be used, Ellen took note bookshelf and a table.

The chains that bound her arms had a keyhole. If she could get the key, she would be free. However, Ellen assumed that the key on the floor was bait. She then looked down and noticed a key on her neck. While she figured it would not be the right key, it was worth it a try.

She used her tongue and inserted the backside of the key into her mouth and placed it into one lock on her arms, but failed. She sighed, but attempted to free her other arm, and was successful.

She recalled she that she has been through similar puzzles that combined skill and critical thinking, but could not think of why she was placed in this puzzle, and why this puzzle reminded of her, the ones in Bless.

With one arm free, Ellen figured that she couldn't get back up and reached for the key on the floor. However, before committing herself to the fall, she looked around for more keys or clues. She then grabbed the key that was on her chest and attempted to free her legs but failed.

Before diving for the key on the floor, Ellen inspected the bookshelf which contained 5 books. Ellen giggled because they were about unlocking magic and its possible uses, but she opened them all. Sadly, they did not contain a key, and she thought, 'It reads like a cultivation novel.'

After hopping around, Ellen reached the desk and opened a heavy laptop, but sighed because it was password locked.

Ellen grunted and looked towards the roof, which had a key tapped on to it.

Once she saw the key, she said, "Fuck me..." Ellen looked around, but could not think of anything. If she opened the door which was likely locked, she would not get far, and with so many keys around her, she should not leave the room.

Ellen could not tell that she was in an illusion but still wondered why she was being tested. She then muttered, "This is stupid," and pushed over the desk. Sadly there was only a note which read: 'Anger issues?'

Ellen stared at the note, but she couldn't think of anything it seemed like the writer made it to mess with her. However, the word 'Anger' seemed interesting.

Ellen looked around again, but taking in her situation: they stuck her to a chair, in a random room with a desk and bookshelf.

She worked her way to the door, but not only did it not have a key… they also locked it.

Ellen looked at the key on the floor and licked her lips, but restrained herself while yelling, "I will not fall for that!"

(Great restraint, Ellen…)

"You fuckers…" I will find the keys. She closed her eyes thought about her situation again. What did was she missing?

(The chair and yourself, you dumb bitch. Even the first key was on you.)

{Dear readers, if you ever write a book give your MC a brain.}

Ellen sighed because she was stupid and couldn't use google. But she felt an ich and looked inside her bra.

She knew it was not hers because they padded it, and because of the earlier clue she ripped it apart.

But, sighed because there was no key, however, she wanted the underwire, which she used to pick the locks and free herself.

However, she wondered why she knew how to pick a lock.

(Dam you Ellen, but getting free was easy. I will not give you freedom.)

Now that she was free, Ellen did not resist and grabbed the key on the floor and yelled, "Ouch!"

"Sons of bitches, I will have my vengeance."

Ellen walked toward the laptop and entered 'Anger Issues.'

The laptop replied, "I am not the one with issues, girly. Do you need a therapist?"

Ellen tossed it into the wall and said, "No I feel great."

It replied, "I will take that as a yes."

Ellen emptied the desk and pushed it below the key. She noticed the roof was too high and placed the chair on the desk.

(Author, wrote a super detailed and sexual way of grabbing a key. {Not really})

After she grabbed the key, Ellen opened the door. However, before she left, she grabbed the laptop.

Once she opened the door, Ellen saw her mother being chased by a grim reaper. Ellen tossed one of her chains towards it, which caused him to trip over and look toward her.


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