Surviving in the Game
31 Tempering 1
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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31 Tempering 1

"What is the tempering, really?"

Selina paused for a moment and said, "It is pain."

Ellen rubbed her forehead while looking at the floor and asked, "Why?"

Selina sighed and said, "Because of how magic works."

Ellen exhaled before closing her eyes and said, "What is magic?"

While tears flowed down her face, Selina responded, "Everything will be a lie."


Ellen felt a massive headache and looked around. She was home. When she saw her pod, she smiled. Ellen ran into her mother's room and sighed because she was not there, but did not panic because she could be working.

Ellen called her mother and instantly connected… But, she only heard the word, "Run," before the sound of a glass breaking. Ellen called for her mother, but the connection failed. It stunned Ellen that the connection broke and wondered if her mother was ok.

Ellen called the police, because the connection broke and not ended, which meant something hit her mother's head.

Ellen's heart trembled and her vision blurred. She then fell on a glass floor while tears flowed from her eyes. She then saw the tears turn hard and break the glass. She fell into a different apartment and looked around. The walls were smiling at her while sticking out their tongues. It would have been sexual, but the smell of rotten flesh made Ellen tremble.

After she inhaled more of the scent, Ellen vomited. She watched as her last meal turned into little monsters before her eyes and attacked each other. Each monster had a different color but was mostly a mixture of red, blue and black. Every monster had a letter on their belly, which were I, E and D.

Ellen's first thought it was an explosive and jumped away, but nothing happened. However, Ellen also read it as DIE and afterward felt a pain in her chest.


After Selina made that statement, she kissed Ellen and knocked her out. While injecting mana into her mind, Ellen's body trembled violently. Her arms flung into the air and her legs were kicking constantly.

Meanwhile, Selina was cooling down Ellen's head and making sure Ellen did not injure herself. Selina prayed Ellen could endure. She hoped everything she learned while training will help her in the battle. She hoped that Ellen could turn pain into sexual desire. She hoped that Ellen would win.

She hoped that Ellen would forgive her…


Ellen's heart burned. The veins in her arms exploded; the little monsters smiled while Ellen was screaming in pain. Her blood pressure was rising, but her heart did not pump. Figuring the pressure was too high, Ellen stabbed into her arm and smiled when her heart was beating again.

Blood poured out from her and covered the monsters. It seemed to intoxicate them because they soon cut themselves.

While falling from blood loss, Ellen watched people her apartment and fainted while they tossed her into a stretcher.

Ellen's opened her eyes but was meet with pure darkness. She yelled, but could not hear. She lifted her hand, but something bound it. If she could not think, she would assume she was dead.

She turned her head and hit a flat surface while feeling something rubbing on the back of her head. Was her head covered, or was someone messing with her senses? Where was she? What is going on?

Ellen thought about her recent events, she played Bless and suddenly left the game and her mother called her… But, she could not recall logging out of the game nor could she recall what she did in the game.


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