Surviving in the Game
30 Battle
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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30 Battle

Ellen's training continued, and she was soon entering what Selina called the tempering stage. Once a girl entered the tempering stage they soon changed. While Ellen wanted to become tempered, it also scared her.

Why did these girls improve after one week? While hands-on training with Selina will always be wonderful, Ellen knew that she could not improve that quickly by natural means. Nor could anyone. For example, the girls could attack Selina but Selina would always respond with full force.

It was also a rule the girls could not team up with the tempered girls in attacking Selina. Was there a punishment for breaking the rules? No one knew, because no one dared to break a rule.

The only clue was a story the other girls told Ellen about were a girl attacked Selina, but had a hidden dagger. She was a newbie and likely forgot she had the weapon, but Selina took her arm. Ellen saw the girl who stayed and became a teacher to newer girls, but she never spoke about it, and only said, "You can attack her, or sleep with her. She will not mind, but if you carry a real weapon, you better be ready for a life or death battle."

After she said those words, the girls all understood, while they were all masters of daggers, they should always respect the fact that a weapon is made to kill, and that they should never be used in training in an assassination.

When she heard about the instructor's comments, Ellen had a new respect for Selina because this training was very well planned, it was more than sexual skills and combat. It was also mental training.

Ellen thought it was comparable to an army special ops training, but focusing differently on the skills used. Ellen now understood many techniques and matured greatly, however she was missing real experience. Ellen felt her combat skills were hollow and predictable.

However, Ellen could not temper herself in real combat. Her skills were too great. If she went to kill bandits she assumed, she needs two or three strikes. While Ellen was lost in thought, she lashed out at Selina and attacked her. Because Ellen did not plan the attack, and she did it directly. Selina smiled and held back while fighting Ellen.

Perhaps because of her rage, Ellen did not notice she was being trained. Selina dodged but always gave Ellen an opening she could use to keep the momentum. When Ellen attacked her neck, Selina dodged to the same side over and over. Without thinking Ellen picked up on the mistakes, it was natural for her, but because her actions were always the same, Selina dodged in the same manner.

Ellen kept striking and was soon affected by stamina problems, but it gave Ellen an idea and she backed off while maintaining a hostile stance. Selina looked at Ellen and licked her lips, while she knew Ellen could not defeat her, she was excited to see what the girl had in mind.

Ellen was careless and tossed all her daggers at Selina, which caused her to summon her clay copy of her toothpicks. She connected the clay daggers with a metal chain because it would be impossible for someone to use the weapon without metal they allowed it. Ellen slowly ran toward Selina while tossing a toothpick at her. And, she pulled it back once Selina attempted to deflect it, but while pulling it back she tossed the other toothpick at Selina, in her blind spot which was made during Selina's attempt at deflection.

Selina tossed a dagger into her blind spot and deflected Ellen's dagger, which yanked back by Ellen. Because Selina was running out of daggers, she charged Ellen and knocked her over before saying, "Well done."


However, Ellen did not give up and kicked towards Selina's legs, which caught her off guard and she jumped in response. But Selina's poor reaction allowed Ellen to stand up. While maintaining her hostile stance, Ellen removed her top and played with her boob.

Selina copied Ellen's movements but was wondering what Ellen's new plan was. Ellen smiled while lowering her hand into her pants and moaned. Selina copied Ellen's movements again, but when Ellen summoned a dagger, Selina dodged.


But when she dodged, Ellen pulled the chain toward her other and changed the direction that the dagger was going. It struck Selina's shoulder. While Ellen did smile because she grazed her master, she charged in, but this time Selina, put her down quickly. However, the girls were shocked when she said, "This time I will allow Ellen to torment me."

Ellen looked up at her master who was smiling after having won the battle and asked, "Why?"

Selina licked her lips and said, "Because you did not give up, and you were the first to hit me in the last 30 days. While it might have been luck, you earned it by never giving up in battle."

After making that statement, Selina turned around and yelled, "Never give up in battle! Learn from Ellen." The girls all smiled at Ellen and clapped for her, while they defeated her it was a good battle. While Selina did hold back her speed and power, in the battle of technique Ellen truly grazed Selina in a head-to-head battle.

To these girls, Selina was similar to a god, while Ellen might have landed a blow. Selina had to limit her speed and focus on potential ambushes, such a small mistake would not worsen their image of her. After all, Ellen fought well, and they suspected her would enter the tempering stage soon.

After tormenting Selina, Ellen asked, "What am I missing?" Selina grinned and hugged Ellen once more and said, "Noting, you are ready for the tempering."

Ellen kissed Selina's cheek and asked, "What is the tempering?"

Selina hugged Ellen tightly and said, "Killing an evil demon."

Selina response stunned Ellen, and she asked, "Can you repeat that?"

Selina responded, "Let's be honest with each other?"

Ellen looked at her master while gulping and said, "What do you wish to know?"

Selina smiled and said, "How did you find out about me?"

Ellen hugged her master and said, "Forgive me."

Selina rubbed Ellen's head after kissing her forehead and said, "You are forgiven."

After Selina made that statement Ellen teared up and said, "Why?"

Selina took Ellen into her bosom and said, "Other than the fact that you are thinking of how to attack me right now, I can tell you are deeply hurt."

Ellen sighed and said, "It was a good reward; but, I guess I will stop stalling."

Ellen then told Selina about everything, while Ellen was scared right now her master was with her… Ellen trusted her master. Perhaps it was not earned, but Ellen did not care.

However, after Selina heard Ellen's story she said, "I know. They also call you the child of the game."

"I heard about him while playing the game, but I am female…"

Selina giggled and kissed Ellen again before saying, "Do not worry dear child, I will protect you. You are one of my girls, while everyone is entitled to their secrets, I felt shameful that I knew yours when I saw you. "

"How did you know master?"

"Because you also have mana. But more importantly, you have too much and do not understand how to use it correctly if at all?"

Ellen exhaled while looking at the floor and nodding before saying, "Can you teach me?"

Selina smiled and said, "That is what the second step of the tempering is all about."


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