Surviving in the Game
29 Maturing
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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29 Maturing

Ellen sprinted over and over. Her legs were demanding blood, but her heart could not provide enough. Her body was failing, but her aim was improving. Once Ellen hit the target, Selina gave her a break. After they gave her permission to rest, Ellen fell.

However, it seems even breaks have a price. One trainee had tossed a wet rag on her face, which Ellen grabbed and cleaned her sweaty face. But, once she was done cleaning her face, she noticed a woman was reaching for her panties. Ellen looked at the girl and sighed, but did not resist. Because this was part of the training Ellen endured.


While the other girl was playing with her body, Ellen looked around and understood her break was given to her because the other girl needed practice. Once the girl was done playing, she sat above Ellen and said, "My turn." Ellen understood it was her turn to play with the girl.


After all the training, Ellen felt the sexual abuse was relaxing. It was all consensual, but the meaning was different. If you are here, someone will play with your body. And, it will happen constantly.

Ellen was being trained. Even if first she maintained her pride after being toyed with by everyone here it would soon be gone. While it was a painful experience, Ellen started agreeing with the logic. The idea that her body was a tool was deeply instilled into her.

Ellen understood. Her soul was the only thing that was important. She exhaled while thinking of the words written everywhere, "Only the soul is pure, the body is a tool." While many people may think she was being forced often, Ellen understood that sex was just a means to an end. A desire of the body, not the soul. A desire she can tame. She learned how to use men, and how to tame women.

It was not something Ellen thought about; they ingrained it into her. The way she walks. The way she speaks. Words are meaningless it's how she moves while speaking. Ellen learned such skills when she was interacting with women.

And while most of Ellen's training was with women, Selina used the guards from before as practice tools for all the girls. If they were not blindfolded, they would feel like kings of the world. Ellen recalled the things she did to those men, and how they begged for her attention.

Even Ellen was a bit scared of herself. Not because of the actions she did but because of how she knew what each person desired and how they desired it. She did not think men were so submissive. But, she knew how to trigger them all now, at least sexually.

During her, training Ellen had a meeting with Rick and Dillan. And while it was mostly business, Richard was trembling when he asked on her a date. When Richard said, "I want your soul, not your body." Her heart skipped a beat. Not because she attracted her to Richard, but because the word soul had such a strong meaning to her now.

After Rick's confession, Ellen told him that she was not in the right place for a romance, but kissed him. She was attracted to him because he was a man, who seemed to have a lot of talent, but most of all had a calm and understanding mind. When she kissed him, Richard nodded. While Ellen could not be sure, she felt Richard might pursue her in the future if the situation deems it worthy.

However, when Ellen thought about it more and felt such a romance would be a waste of time.

Perhaps it was because of Dillan's actions? However, a romance was not possible between them. She wondered if all the intercourse she was having lately affected her mind, but because soon lost interest when she ran drills.

After more training, Ellen soon became skilled in tossing daggers and was given permission to start practice handling them in close range combat. Ellen saw a few methods of training such as changed versions of Tantojutsu and Pencak Silat. While she understood them as such, Ellen knew their origins were not the same.

While there were more methods she could learn, Ellen decided on Tantojutsu because it would help her deal with swords. While a trained swordsman would always have the edge, Ellen felt that because they designed it with swords in mind, it would be the best method for her to learn.

After half a year of intense training and intercourse, Ellen noticed that while her level did not increase, her stamina reduced at a slower rate. And earned a buff on her status bar.

[Fit for combat]

In standard combat and the bearer is often calmer during combat, avoiding panic.

Once Ellen earned the buff, she noticed that when she was sprinting around instead of wasting 10 stamina points, she might waste 8, but when using skills the costs were not adjusted.

Ellen felt that the mental buff would be the most useful, but after fighting a few times, did not notice any improvement. She felt it was more of an indicator than anything else. But Ellen did not forget about the buff because if an enemy had it should mean that Ellen could not count on careless mistakes.

A few days after Ellen obtained the buff, Selina approached her during resting hours and said, "It is time for payment."

---NSFW-- Vital content--

Ellen was being fingered by Selina but she still asked, "What kind of payment?"

Selina grinned when Ellen moaned after asking her question and said, "Given your history with the assassins guild, I figured we should clean it."

Ellen rolled her eyes back in pleasure before kissing Selina and asking, "Who is causing problems?"

Selina rubbed Ellen's insides harder, but also played with her breasts and said, "All I know is your old lady friend is connected to it all."

---NSFW--- Not vital

Ellen attempted to toss Selina on her bed, but was countered and found herself face down on the floor. Selina giggled in response and grabbed one of her daggers.

Once Ellen saw the dagger, she asked, "Anal?"

While Ellen was gulping after seeing the dagger, Selina placed the hilt of the dagger inside herself and said, "Both." Ellen sighed because she knew she would not be resting tonight, but was more concerned because she failed her attack.

After Selina placed her hilt inside herself, Ellen asked, "Using a weapon like a dildo? It seems I have much to learn.

Selina rocked her head back while placing the other end of the dagger inside Ellen and said, "What is a dildo?"

While Selina was thrusting into her, Ellen moaned and after a short pause said, "I guess it's a pointy object used for sex."

Once Ellen said, "Pointy object used for sex," Selina removed the dagger's hilt from her self, but left the scabbard inside Ellen and said, "Good I have two of them."

Ellen grabbed the scabbard and rubbed her insides with and asked, "What are you waiting for?" And, wagged her but towards Selina while face down. She also smiled while saying, "I haven't used the bathroom.

Before Selina placed her tongue on Ellen's butthole she said, "What type of reward will I get today?"

While inserting the scabbard into herself Ellen said, "Open it and find out."


After the night was over, Ellen wondered if anything could get Selina off of her game, she knew Selina only said the words, "You win," because she wanted to confirm with her about everything and not that she was shy.

Ellen thought back to her days at this training center and figured she was either being teased or having sex around 30% of the time. The rest was training stamina or combat skills, such as dagger tossing, while Ellen could not defy the laws of physics like her spell, Ellen was confident she would never miss a target if within her range of 10 meters.

If Ellen was not in combat, she felt she could hit a target around 40 feet away, Ellen had unlocked some skills while training with her daggers, such as thrust and slash, but even in the game experts never used them, with her training Ellen understood why. It was limiting and in a real battle, such poor motions were useless.

Perhaps the most important skill was back-step, which would allow her to push of the air with her feet, in practice Ellen could move about a foot backward. After all the space it gave was around half her foot, and Ellen had to think of its placement, for her current self Ellen thought using it combat was pointless, but I could use it as an extra jump.

She thought of Mario and Luigi and hoped one day she could improve her use of the skill, but could not think of a practice method. She spoke with Selina about it, but she said, "I know of the skill, but it's a waste of time. Other than improving your mobility in escapes it takes much too much focus, and it's really only good for changing directions while making a turn."

Ellen sighed when she heard that, she thought the skill would be super useful, but lifting your foot in direct combat could allow the enemy to push you down. And with the focus requirements of placing the half brick, Ellen gave up on it. She figured it could be useful as a gap closer when jumping around, but its combat use was very limited.

Ellen remembered that players often said, skills are useless, but never truly understood the saying because she played as a mage, and was more interested in tactics and finding ways for her guild to grow.

After her conversation with Selina, Ellen continued training and became an able dagger wielder.

She understood the techniques and could use them in battle, but according to Selina she was hollow she could deal with the riffraff, but if she encountered an expert, she would be killed quickly.

After she made that statement, Selina attacked Ellen, who was quickly overwhelmed, Ellen knew she was no match for Selina, but did not think that if Selina held back her speed and power, she could kill her in 4 moves. It was not a silly reason like reaction; it was because Selina was truly one with the blade, and she also understood the human body. Perhaps, all the sex was meant for more than destroying pride and seduction skills.

Ellen recalled when she attacked Selina and wondered how she knew she was being attacked or being played with. Ellen spoke with the other trainees and asked them if they ever attempted to defeat Selina, but the result was the same.

If the students came to her with the intent on sleeping with her she would welcome it, but as soon as they made a move, Selina did the same as she did to Ellen and play with them the whole night.

What was worse was that if the girls teamed up, Selina displayed her true skills, and slept with all the girls who attacked her. She was a monster, but a good teacher. Ellen and the other improved day by day. However, they made a plan and vowed that tomorrow will be different.

While Selina could spy on the girls, she never did otherwise how could they improve? She wanted the girls to think, plan and fail. She wanted them to improve, and naturally, Selina had to foil all their attempts.

[Selina Kyle]

[Level 4]


[Hitpoints 200]

[Stamina 400]

[Mana 75]

[Look familiar?]

While Ellen was looking at her stats, Selina attacked Ellen again. Naturally, they had sex in the training room, but that was part of the plan. However, Selina was never passive during public sex, which would have been ideal.

While Selina was tormenting Ellen, two girls, which meant 3 girls were in on the act. If more girls were in on the act, Selina would spy on the team, if you could prevent her spying it was fair game, but how was that even possible? The girls grabbed their daggers, they made which with clay and tossed them toward Selina.

When the first girl attacked Selina, she tossed the dagger toward her belly. In response, she lowered herself and kissed Ellen while rubbing her shoulders. The other girl sighed while tossing her follow up dagger she suspects Selina would dodge using Ellen as her shield, but Selina deflected the dagger with her own and smiled.

The girls all said, "Show off," and sighed because the next 3 nights would also be sleepless. Selina did not mind being attacked. It was even desired, but because failure means death it was always punished.

At first, Ellen did not notice, but over time when she was given punishment sex things got kinkier and kinkier, over time it became torture training. Over time Ellen, could make anything sexual being whipped? No longer was it painful; it felt good. However, the night Ellen came from being whipped was embarrassing for her.

That night was one of the rare moments when Selina would hug Ellen that was not sexual. While she was harsh, Selina truly cared for each of the girls. And according to her embarrassment was a problem with the soul, not the body, which is why she showed her softer understanding side to Ellen.


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