Surviving in the Game
28 Art of comba
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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28 Art of comba

Ellen looked around and smiled. She saw twenty other women in here and knew Selina was up to something interesting. While Ellen was looking around, Selina rubbed Ellen's waistline, but this time it was painful. Ellen grit her teeth and said, "Why so hard?"

While digging into Ellen's skin, Selina said, "Because I want you to quit."

Ellen moaned and said, "What about my guards?"

Selina placed her hands on Ellen's stomach while whispering, "Taken care of."

Ellen sighed and figured it was a problem for later.

----Dark Ideas----NSFW---

Selina rubbed on her body, and said, "Want to leave?"

Ellen responded, "But I like pain, it means I am alive." She then faced Selina and said, "Tormenting me means you care about me." While making such a dark statement Ellen played with herself while Selina was painfully rubbing her body.

After Selina was done rubbing Ellen's, body she used her mouth and removed Ellen's panties. Selina looked up towards Ellen and moved her fingers towards her backside and said: "Do you want to leave?"


Ellen commented, "If I can become stronger, I will stay."

While Selina was toying with Ellen, she said, "This training is cruel and comes at a price."

Ellen moaned and said, "What is the price of living?"

Selina stopped playing with Ellen and said, "Cleaning the city."

Ellen asked, "Are you with the guild?"

Selina giggled and said, "We avoid killing, but something like that."

Ellen remembered the Selina was an odd sort in the game, but in real life, she was much more twisted and everything was extremely sexual or dark. While Ellen was dealing with Selina, she also watched the others each movement was sexual they reminded her of the girls in "Layflower," but they seemed ready to kill at any moment. Compared to Selina who seemed harmless but kinky, they were flawed.

Ellen smiled she had understood Selina's training it is a mixture of charm and skill. Selina was breaking down her sense of shame. Once Ellen understood Selina's aim, she said, "I am not prideful. If one has no pride, how can one have shame?"


Once Selina heard Ellen's comment, she placed her middle finger inside her canal and rubbed on her back door. However, once she did Ellen said, "If you want to have sex with me, do it otherwise stop wasting our time." After that comment, Ellen grabbed Selina's backside and whispered, "Deeper," while kissing her.


After a night of pleasure, Selina said, "You truly have no pride." Ellen grinned while looking at Selina's body and said, "Do you?"

Selina ignore Ellen's comment and tossed her a stack of books and said, "Read" Ellen looked at the books which were titled "Rouge, Warrior and Mage," and smiled because this was vital information while she knew about how the game system worked she did not know how people from this world viewed combat, and more important there was a lead on mages.

Ellen looked at the books and grinned nothing was more important than information and these books were the holy grail because Ellen needed to make sure about the changes from a game into a real world.

Ellen read the books and summarized their content.

Mages are terrible in direct combat but can control the weather and create walls. While healing warriors from a safe distance, they also tend to be generals.

Warriors are the strongest class, but are slow because of their heavy armor and can be avoided easily, but once in range bloodlust can become a problem.

Rogues do their work outside of battle. They can ruin supply lines or poison food. Assassinate generals and commanders. In large conflict, they pester messengers and create chaos, but cannot directly attack.

In combat protecting vitals is extremely important, there are many basic skills like 'Taunt' and 'Dagger toss,' but their use is limited to decently trained warriors who are above level 5. The books also noted that a strike to a vital is often almost twice as strong if protected and could be deadly if unprotected. For example, a small cut to the head would be painful, but if the same cut was on the neck, it could kill.

The book also noted that the point of heavy armor was to protect vital areas, which is why some armors are heavier around the heart and lungs. The book also noted warriors like Ellen could wear some heavy armor, but it was not recommended. According to the book it was best to be a master of a certain skill than a jack of all trades, it said it caused problems using certain skills.

Ellen was inspired by the book she had not thought of mixing armors, the game never allowed people to mix gear, but it was possible now. Ellen looked at her body and rubbed herself looking for areas which could be protected without affecting movement, or slowing her down too much. It would not be her standard armor. But, when fighting in the arena it could be useful.

Once she was done reading, Ellen thought the world worked very similar to the game, but stressed much more on vitals, Ellen figured even if someone was boosted levels, it would be useless if they did not have the skill to back it up, but this also made combat tenser. In this world, it was possible for Ellen to kill fighters like Richard or Dillan if they were extremely careless.

One chop to the heart or neck would kill them, but it would also kill her. Ellen trembled and decided on avoiding direct combat if possible. But wondered, what would happen if she lost a limb or broke a leg. However, she did not want to experiment and would do her best to avoid losing them.

After Ellen was done reading, she left her room and entered the training area. Some women were working on seduction while others were training in combat. Ellen approached Selina and said, "What now?"

Selina handed her a paper and said, "I am happy you can read, now answer the questions on this paper." Because this world was similar to the one from the game, Ellen learned the content quickly and was able to obtain a flawless grade on the exam.

After Selina graded the exam, she squinted but smiled afterward and introduced Ellen to her basic regime. Ellen thought that for stamina and the like it would be best to level up, but now that Selina recommended normal training, Ellen wondered if standardized training would give her experience?

Ellen read Selina regime and said, "Fuck!" The first task was sprinting and then diving for a dagger before tossing it into a target. Ellen knew Selina was the real deal but felt this was evil. Was she bad in bed?

However, Ellen bared with it and began the task. A 50-meter sprint flowed by dagger toss of around 10 meters, and if Ellen missed the target she had to do 10 push-ups, which she knew she would miss many times…

Ellen lined up and looked at a dagger. She sprinted, and soon Selina screamed saying her running was too loud and that she could not sleep. However, she offered advice on running silently.


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