Surviving in the Game
27 Side Story 3: Tim
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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27 Side Story 3: Tim

After Ellen escaped from the Spartan camp, Tim returned and thought about they lost a potential warrior like Ellen, while he was confident any spartan could kill her in direct combat, Ellen was the one who lead the escape.

She killed her enemies without blinking her eyes. She connected with the men she led. To the extent that, Alex had sick desires for her. Tim's father sent him out into the world because while he was of royal blood, he was low in the line of succession.

When his father made the recommendation Tim was stunned while he did take part in the standard Spartan training, or commonly known as the agoge, he did not know how to feel with his father sending him away.

But after thinking about it, he agreed. However, his father said, "You will not have the influence of your status. You will earn everything."

Tim rocked his head back and asked, "Are you not happy with the princes?"

"No, I am not. I am no fool if, given the choice between losing our families and losing Sparta, the choice is easy."

After hearing his father's response, Tim looked outside his window while rubbing his forehead and asked, "What will happen to my brothers?"

"I will say, they are insane; It has happened before."

Tim looked at his father, who was crying when he said that and asked, "Is it true?"

The king shook his head and said, "I do not know."

Tim giggled and said, "You're getting old."

His father said, "That I am."

Tim and his father chatted away until Tim left and joined the army. Tim knew his father would not protect him. He had a chance at power, and he wanted to protect his people.

He recalled the story of Leonidas and while many people viewed him as a hero, he thought of his downfall and shook his head, because he was betrayed by the nightmare. A man whose name will never be spoken or thought of by Tim.

Money could be stolen in war, or earned by expanding the land. Tim and his brothers have all made money without the aid of the king if they could not. How could they rule the land? Their father told them all, "If you cannot produce even slightly what makes you worthy of the crown?"

While he was educated extremely well, which Spartan was not? Spartans did not even care for wealth and if they left Sparta with their figure and smarts, was obtaining a woman really a problem?

Tim did not know or understand why that thing acted the way it did but figured the quest given by his father might answer that for him.

Later when he was imprisoned and beaten, he felt shame but not pain. Because he did not die in battle, but none of the Spartans confessed anything. While he suspected, the Spartan who was kissing his tormentor. After speaking with the other prisoners, he knew it was just the way she was.

After knowing the Spartan was innocent, he wondered about women. Perhaps earning one with using status was not so easy? He understood now that he was not that handsome. He did consider it may have been that woman's tastes, but his ego still took a hit.

Tim understood Alex's desire for Ellen, after all, she was a hero. Tim would speak with his father about Ellen after seeing her, he thought women might be underestimated and they could be more useful.

Assassination and management came to mind. But, he had often heard stories of how some princes started wars over a woman, Tim made note things in the future when it came to the potential of women. He wondered what would happen if Ellen was a Spartan, but was sad when he thought of her unable to lead an escape and deal with the social factors women had to deal with.

Tim heard about a small prosperous land between Athens and Italy and considered visiting it sometime. Because of Ellen, he had a strong desire to learn the different types of people.


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