Surviving in the Game
26 Exchanges
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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26 Exchanges

Ellen recalled her display and smiled thinking how she messed with Marie and her escort and viewed her status. Luckily, its effects are over and she could think clearly again, but perhaps she should let loose more often.

But now it was time for her to deal with Rick and Dillan. With two guards the short road to city hall was uneventful, but perhaps it would scare off the guild for a short time. Ellen smiled because while she was being watched it was the first time in a long time she did not have to worry about death.

But sadly all good times must end. She saw with Rick and Dillan and exhaled. Rick and Dillan waved her over and Ellen walked over and asked, "Where is the city official?"

Dillan looked at the floor, while Rick responded, "He should be here soon." While waiting Ellen reviewed the contact, which is written like so.

[---In exchange for an information packet, Ellen will get 450 gold coins and 2000 more once the state confirms the information.

The information will be confirmed by the state, but not listed on the contract.

After the contract is signed, the state will confirm that the information is what the Young family seeks. If so the state will purchase the information from Ellen with 450 gold coins, at the same point in time the Young family will buy the information from the state with 500 gold coins.

If Ellen's information is invalid, she will pay 600 gold coins to the Young family plus the cost of confirmation.

In exchange for the information, Ellen will be able to purchase a mass of land at face value plus 15% provided it has no current owner. If the land has a current owner, Ellen will be given a week to purchase the land.

If Ellen cannot purchase the land she will be paid according to a sum deemed by the state, but no less than 5000 gold, the payment period can be extended to fit the situation of the current owners of the land.

The location contains which is the information pack will deem profits. If such profits are made, Ellen and the Young family will divide them. Ellen will get 55% of the profits. The state will get 5% of the profits and the Young family will get 45% of the profits for managing and maintaining said location.

The locations possible profits will be listed by the young family and the state within the time span of 8 weeks after which the state and the Young family cannot claim additional profit from any new business started by Ellen.

The state is also given the right to purchase all products from the land at any point at market value.

If Ellen is killed or is deemed mentally unfit by the state, the contract will entitle Rick Wilson, a smith in town to Ellen's profits. If Rick Wilson is unwilling or able to obtain the profits, it will be given to the state to dispense to the commoners.---]

After Ellen reviewed the contract, she noticed a few issues and consulted with a lawyer for the rest of her gold, but Ellen made sure the state nor the young family could steal the land or break the contract unfairly and that she will be able to build a business empire on the land, without its profits being stolen by the state or the Young's.

Once the adjustments were made and the state representative was present, everyone signed the contract, but the Young family insisted on an escort for Ellen until they confirmed everything.

Ellen agreed because of the large amount of money she held and because it was free protection. Now that Ellen had four escorts, two from the young family and two from the state she smiled, while the guards from earlier told the newbies about the events at the brothel.

Ellen giggled as while guessing those two guards will never forget today's events. Something about never being forgotten made her feel important even if its a silly memory, little by little she was forgetting about her family.

She wondered if her dad would sue and if her mother was by her side. A tear escaped her eye, but she cleared it away before the guards noticed it.

Now that Ellen had money, she wanted to build steel. Perhaps she will build a steam engine? But sadly, Ellen did not know how they worked… If she raised more money and explained to someone maybe they could work out the details… but she knew such innovation was above her skill level, and without magic making sure fine tools in a massive scale would be impossible.

Ellen decided for now that steel would be the best she could do. Perhaps she could make rubber, which could improve transportation. If only she had Google, she could work out the small details that she had forgotten about the steam engine…

Right now she could remember a rotating piston a flywheel and a condenser which just cooled down the steam, but was it needed? What if she built steam and let the excess pressure flow out? Perhaps with a value? She knew she had the basic idea down, but would have to discuss the matter with someone.

Ellen thought about the engine while walking toward a famous rogue trainer she knew about. Her name was Selina Kyle. Ellen did not remember her backstory, but it was likely about some stupid CEO who was rich and had all the girls, but only had eyes for her. And, he was also handsome.

Ellen thought back to some popular novels in her world and wondered if people had problems… Why was everyone novel about women with jade skin and rich men? Was the whole world vain?

Ellen shook her head, but wondered why she could not focus lately, she had suspected because of the side effect, but perhaps it was more? While she was thinking about Selina and her jade skin, she entered her hideout and knocked on her door.

Selina was tanning her skin, likely because the whole jade skin thing was getting old and decided brown was cooler. Ellen greeted Selina and asked for training.


Selina said, "Fuck yourself."

While grinding on a nearby pole, Ellen removed her dress and played with herself.


Selina watched Ellen and sighed while asking, "Are you stupid?"

Ellen stopped and said, "How else would I become your student? I am weak and need to become stronger, and from what I know, you are the best trainer around."


Ellen grabbed her dress and said, "So I never have to do this again."

"It will be hell."

Ellen sighed while putting on her dress and said, "I lost my family and my home. What is if not that?"


Selina moved aside and welcomed Ellen into the deeper parts of her hideout. When Ellen entered someone slapped her butt. Ellen turned her head and commented, "Do you want my body?"

Selina licked her lips while removing Ellen's dress and said, "Would you give it?" Ellen turned around and grabbed Selina's hips and pulled her closer while reaching down towards her panties and sliding them off.

Selina lifted Ellen's head and asked, "Are you willing to go all the way?"

Ellen kissed her while sliding her hand into her panties.


Selina jumped backward and sighed while saying, "You Win"…


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