Surviving in the Game
25 Brothel- Skip-able
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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25 Brothel- Skip-able

--NSFW---No vital content---

Once Ellen opened the doors, she saw naked women everywhere and smiled, the scent of perfume pleased her. While taking in the scents she licked her lips and walked towards the counter which said, 'Two coins'

The place impressed Ellen causing her to remember the name, "Layflower."

While Ellen paid, she turned around and waved her two guards goodbye. But when they entered she smashed her foot into the floor and sighed. "How?"

They smiled and said, "Richard figured you would do something like this and paid for us."

Ellen grunted and said, "Lucky you."

They high five each other and grinned while saying, "Now we get to watch you."

"I should charge for this."

While opening their eyes wide, they stared directly at Ellen and said, "You would be worth it."

Ellen licked her lips and eyed them both while shaking her hips and saying, "Make sure you get your money's worth."

The guards looked at each other and asked, "Is she a bisexual," but Ellen said, "In your dreams; you can look but cannot touch."

They both sighed when they heard that, but walked with her.

Ellen smiled because she enjoyed teasing the guards, but her eyes landed on a girl that reminded her of Marie, while she was sure it was not her; she enchanted Ellen. Ellen looked at the other girls on display and grinned. She noticed a small section in the corner with men, but ignored it, until she saw Marie but ignored her.

Ellen sat down watched the girls while drinking red wine because it matched her red dress. Ellen found humor and the silly things and felt it was the drug, but did not feel like fighting it. One guard told her Marie was looking at her, so she walked up to Marie's lookalike and placed a coin on her display.

The girl nodded and jumped down. Ellen grabbed her from behind and said, "Here." The girl grabbed Ellen's hand and placed it on her belly. Ellen whispered in her ear "Shake your hips," and gave her ear a little lick.

Marie was staring at Ellen in awe, but when she inspected her status, she smiled knowing Ellen was not fighting the effects but embracing them. She watched Ellen dominate the lookalike and felt amused.

She watched as Ellen lowered her hand into her lookalikes panties and how her other hand was on that girl nipples. She watched Ellen. However, Ellen had no eyes for her. She watched the other girl tremble and fall over; she did not know if Ellen had a Godly skill or if the girl was acting, but she looked at Ellen standing over the girl as if she was prey.

Ellen kneeled over the girl while pushing her down and rubbing her back. Her hands slowly but strongly sailed towards her buttock. Ellen's smile drew the lust of everyone nearby, the guard stood silently, but when Ellen beckoned them over they nearly fell over on the way.

They smiled when she said, "Take them out." But sighed when she said "Good boy." Then watched as Ellen raised her hands and told the girl to remove her dress, slowly. Ellen was rocking her hips as the escort worked her hands toward Ellen's waist.

Once the escorts hands were on waist Ellen pulled on her dress and the escort lowered her hands and removed Ellen's undergarments. Marie and the guards licked their lips and exhaled while the escort licked Ellen's thighs.

Ellen looked at everyone and smiled evilly while saying "Shows over." She then asked the girl where they could play in private. The girl kissed Ellen and escorted her into a room.

Once Ellen saw a heart-shaped bed and the rose petals laid everywhere, she smiled and said, dominate me. The girl nodded and pulled Ellen close.

Outside the guards listened in and heard things that cannot be unheard. All they knew was that Ellen and that other girl were really kinky.


After Ellen had her fun, she looked at the guards and asked, "Is everything ok?" They nodded and escorted her out of the enticing brothel and sighed while wondering about the sounds in that room-


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