Surviving in the Game
24 Side Story 2: Mom and Dad.
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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24 Side Story 2: Mom and Dad.

Ellen had told her family about a duel today while her mom and dad did not understand how Ellen made could make a grand living in a video game when they saw her bank account and how happy she was they full heartily supported her. While they suspected she was selling drugs, given the amount of she spends playing it was impossible.

Stacy, Ellen's mom watched the duel and did not understand what happened but when she lost, She ran towards Ellen who in her room. Ellen's body was still, however that was normal because she was in one capsule for 'Bless.'

Stacy sat down on a blue leather chair while looking at Ellen's face. She saw a tear rolling out of her eye, and panicked because from what she understood unless the emotion was really deep, her body reacting in the real world was impossible. While Ellen did not approve of it, Stacy decided to tap into her headset.

She watched Ellen who was almost raped, kill Richard. She did not care what was going on. Ellen is going to quit playing that stupid game, and she would sue those fuckers! Beta test my ass.

Who the fuck would allow a 17-year-old girl to be nearly raped… Stacy nearly ripped apart the game system, but when she remembered that it could hurt Ellen she stopped, there were many safety features, but she could not risk injuring Ellen. What if she caused a short or something?

She called the police who quickly called doctors when they were one saw what was going on.

Ellen's dad, Alex came back from work after Stacy called him. After hugging his wife, he listened to everything and pulled Stacy in again while resting his head on her shoulder and said, "Good job."

Stacy nodded and just watched her little girl, she did not want to deal with doctors and silly stuff. That what a husband is for… She just wanted to see Ellen, she watched Ellen sleep. She watched Ellen bathe. She watched Ellen kill. She watched Ellen.

She rubbed the stupid gaming system over and over, but she could on reach Ellen.

Alex was a bit more stable, perhaps because he was a lawyer he spent most his time in court, but when 'Bless' said they would give Alex a blank check. He soon found himself in the same place as his wife.

The demand was simple, 50% of their profits until they freed Ellen and healthy, and a full audit of their technical records. After Alex and Stacy signed an NDA, he felt empty. He knew the game would withstand a public legal battle and Ellen loved the game. He did not want to destroy it. He wanted them to fix it. He would never allow her to play it again, but killing the thing she loved… Did not seem right, to him.

It left Alex wondering why they gave them such a great settlement, but he did not care. He watched his little girl in that strange world. Sometimes he was happy, other times he cried.

She was growing, but the world she was in scared of him. He learned about the world of 'Bless' and understood that this little island that Ellen was in was not the norm.


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