Surviving in the Game
23 Future
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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23 Future

After they signed the contract, Ellen inspected it and said, "Once we turn in the contract, I will tell you both everything."

They both nodded and said, "Well, we will meet up tomorrow at city hall."

Ellen asked, "Can I have a small amount of silver? I would like to sleep in an inn tonight."

Rick tossed her an insignia, and said, "This will allow you to stay, at an inn for free."

While thanking him, Ellen left the area and took the main roads avoiding any problems. While this was a peaceful city, Ellen was a young woman. Even if the cities tolerance for brothels **** was high and most people could afford a night in a smaller one, something scared Ellen, the darkness.

While walking down the road, Ellen remembered what almost happened to her in jail and hugged herself. Seeing a trembling girl walk down the road, a guard approached Ellen.



"You seem scared, is there anything I can help with."

Ellen looked at the Guard and said, "I am looking for an inn."

"I see, can I help?"

Ellen looked at the Guard and nodded, perhaps he suspected she was running drugs or something, but Ellen did not care because with a guard near her. No one would bug her tonight.

Once they arrived at an inn, the guard nodded and said, "Farewell" Ellen waved the guard goodbye and asked for her name. She responded, "Ashly."

"Thank you, Ashly, for caring."

Ashly smiled, and said, "Thank you, It really means a lot."

Ellen entered an inn and rented a room. After entering her room, she planned. She wrote thought about her long-term goal, returning home. Even her short-term issues, like finding out about the invasion and who or what could force the demons out of their realm? Why did Zeus care so much about her? She also had to guess about the changes to the timeline she would cause. Perhaps, other than the locations of mines and enemy leaders, her information was limited.

However, the most important question is; "What could bring her to a new world?" What was she thinking about before the thunder burned the area?

Somehow Ellen thoughts changed directions…

And she asked herself, "What could tip the scales in this war? Could she teach common people magic? Perhaps, she could teach everyone how to make steel? No, we would need more than steel, we need guns…" No, not guns, we need cannons. Ellen looked at her 75 Mana and thought this is a real world and I might be the only rouge with mana even if I have hardly any stamina. To improve, I must learn how to use magic.

Does anyone have information about magic? Would anyone even help me learn magic? If I level up would I learn a skill which uses magic? If so, would it give me a hint on how to use it? I have not gone out hunting perhaps I could level up? But, if I recall Dillan was a very high level… At least, when he drew out his sword, I had no chance… Would it even be possible to use magic with technology? Perhaps, something crazy like a magical cannon can become a thing?

A decent cannon would change the art of war, slowing down the advance of warriors and limiting what rouges can do. Over time, though they would leak out and the enemy would copy them. Ellen decided if she made cannons, it would be for her personal army. If such weapons become the norm, all her tactics would be useless… And, Demons who had far more information about magic could mass produce them… Ellen thought it would be like trading chicken for the egg.

But, the advantages of advancing technology, stayed in Ellen's mind. She had to think about which ones. Steel and rubber came to mind, it would improve armors vastly. Perhaps she could even sell condoms? Ellen shook her head, If she was thinking of condoms, her mind was grasping at straws. Perhaps, she needed sex?

Before going to bed, Ellen noted a few points down about her introspection.

While the game limited players, the system might not limit her.

I can introduce technology to this era, but which ones?

How can she make the world stronger?

How can she learn magic, would leveling up or exploring the guilds be the best way?

However, when writing things down she forgot a major problem. She was assuming everything was the same as the game, ignoring that Athena is here Ellen has also changed the timeline.

She knew Dillan would be a talent and suspected Rick could also be a similar level figure. While she might dislike them, survival is more important. And, this Dillan is not the man she knew, he still has not had the tempering he had in the game.

Ellen looked at her note and stared at the word: "Technology," perhaps it would be best to work on this for now because it would lead bring in the money and give the world more power.

She also wondered about beta players, and if they were a thing.

Perhaps she could expand this nation? Its system of government is far ahead of the rest of the lands, but how much land can she take over in her limited time? And would that really make the world stronger? Many people would die if she took that route…

Ellen reminded herself, it is not my job to save the world. I will use the world and saving it will just be part of my path home. I will not, nor can I save every one. But I will save myself. Whatever is causing this, will suffer…

After her introspection Ellen yawned, it was time for bed. For once, she did not feel like masturbating. She laid back in bed and entered a deep sleep…

Several Hours Later…

Ellen woke up with a smile on her face. She looked outside and farted while pooping and it smelled like shit. It was silly, but simple things pleased her today.

She left her room and noticed Cynthia and wondered if she was being tailed? However, In a rare lapse of judgment, Ellen pointed at her and yelled, "Guards!"

Ashly and a small crew stormed into the inn. She looked at Ellen and asked, "What is going on!"

She's an assassin after my life!

The guards surrounded Cynthia and Ellen because such a claim would always be heeded. But, if Ellen fails in providing evidence, she will be heavily fined and if she cannot pay the fine she could even end up on the chopping block.


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