Surviving in the Game
22 Day and Nigh
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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22 Day and Nigh

Dillan and Ellen chatted until they meet with Rick, the eldest brother of the Young family.

Ellen had never seen Dillan's brother and had little information about him. The only hint she had about Rick was that he might be more talented than Dillan, but because of Dillan's personality, she did not heed his words much regarding Rick's talents.

Because she was meeting with her brother, she did not inspect his stats. And, greeted him with a smile, but requested if she could shower before having a meal together. She assumed Dillan and Rick should have a chat before talking about business matters. Besides, she wanted a shower, while she was used to the smell of blood from the realism of the game, what kind of person what to have a long discussion with blood all over them?

She waved Dillan and Rick goodbye and strolled into Dillan's bathroom. When seeing a bronze bath filled with warm water, she smiled. While this was not Greece, an entire bronze bath was a heavenly luxury. Dillan's position in the arena should be the lead trainer, this bath was well above his paygrade. Most likely, his brother gave it to him. Noting that Rick was likely a caring person, Ellen jumped in the bath.

While taking her bath Ellen rested her back on the bronze and smiled, it had been ages since she felt pampered, If she was in Greece, she would even have a few servants rub her down and spend the night in bliss, but sadly she could not enjoy such events here. While she did not understand how this small place made a scented bar of soap, she closed her eyes and took in its scent. The smell of cinnamon, was lovely, even if it was odd. Ellen assumed they prepared it for her and would thank Dillan for everything.

Once she was done bathing, Ellen slipped on some blue jeans and a sleeveless white tank top and headed outside to deal with Rick. Given everything that happened, she was confident Dillan would support her.

While the two beckoned her over, Ellen smiled and said, "Thanks for everything, Dillan."

Dillan responded, "No problem, come eat with us."

Ellen licked her lips while looking at the small feast before her and asked, "Will you marry me?"

"Sorry, dearie I only cook like this for my brothers and sisters."

"Damit, Rick lets get married! Not for love, but for the food!"

Rick winked at Ellen and said, "Great Idea."

However, Dillan responded, "The two of you are a match made in hell."

"But, Dillan first you prepare me with a warm bath and now you fill my belly with such a feast, how can a gal, not marry you?"

Dillan looked at Rick and replied, "Match made in hell."

Rick giggled and said, "She has a point Dillan, I have not seen you enjoy the company of a woman in such a long time."

"Sadly, she only loves my cooking, but a maid did that!"

Ellen smiled and pointed at her mouth.

Rick responded, "Dillan you left her speechless."

"Bow before the master of women."

Rick nodded his head and said, "Teach me, master."

Ellen looked outside and saw the sun was fading and said, "The darkness calls, will I have a brother by the morning?"

Rick paused for a moment and said, "Yes, my brother says you have information on the powder gang?"

Ellen nodded and said, "The means of locating their headquarters and their iron mine."

We have never seen each other before, "Why do you want to marry me?"

"I am scared."

"Of who?"

"The assassin's guild."

"Why? They do not target innocent people."

"Because I was careless, I know information about them I should not know."

"Hmm, and what is that?"

"Thier location."

"How do you know of it?"

Ellen showed Rick the key which Cynthia left on her bed.

Rick squinted when he saw the key, and asked, "How did you get this?"

I assumed a girl at an inn called Cynthia gave it to me.

"If she gave you this key, why would you be on bad terms with them?"

"Because I talked with Cynthia and I am assuming something went wrong, which caused her to greet me with daggers in hand."

Rick rubbed his jaw and said, "Hmm, seems so."

"I am trading information for protection."

Rick looked towards his brother and asked, "Dillan what do you think?"

"I know little about the guild, but they would not kill her for that, if they killed innocents you would target them, but that does not mean that Ellen is not scared of them and she also stated they have friends in our ranks, which means she could not report this information to us normally."

"Which means, we are lucky that Marie led her to you."

However, Dillan questioned Ellen and asked, "Why did you tell me about them?"

Ellen tilted her head back because she thought Dillan would side with her, but understood that this was how Dillan protected his family and his men. So she told the truth, "Because of greed, I wanted to raid the gang because I have no money and I know of a few herbs which will become valuable because of a fire, which happened recently."

Dillan asked, "What fire?"

Before Ellen could respond, Rick questioned Ellen about the fire.

Ellen told him, "Vast amounts of thunder caused a large fire."

Rick said, "Such an odd report… But, I guess it was true."

However, Dillan slammed the table and yelled at Ellen, "What are you hiding!"

In response, Ellen fell from her chair and sobbed.

Rick looked at his brother and asked: "What is going on?"

However, Dillan pointed his blade at Ellen questioned her again, "What are you hiding."

Looking at his blade, she gulped. Meanwhile, Rick stood up and looked towards Ellen at first, but seeing that the girl could not defend herself, he questioned his brother, "What is going on? Either way is it not the right move to kill the girl, withdraw your blade."

Dillan looked at Ellen who was on the floor sobbing and withdrew his blade. He then shook his head and said, "Sorry, she is hiding something out of fear. I overreacted."

Rick shook his head, and said, "Brother… You are the smartest man I know, but somehow the greatest fool."

Dillan looked at the floor while shaking his head and said, "I am sorry, brother."

Rick asked his brother to leave for a moment and handed Ellen a napkin.

However, Ellen was frozen. He snapped his fingers and assumed the girl fainted.

Rick then yelled, "Dillan, get your ass back in here!"

Dillan rushed back in and looked at his brother.

"Did you even look at her stats?"

"No brother, why?"

"She's level 4 Dipshit… What need do you have of pulling out your sword? Use your fucking head. Someone above us is frightening her because we work for someone in the city. Remember, she is alone? They likely had something to do with her parents' death."

Dillan stepped back… He only pulled his sword out because Ellen was lying, but what Rick says makes sense, Ellen was alone and had tons of information such as that key from the guild and information on the powder gang. Many people would be interested in her life…

However, Rick added, "That stupid Gang killed our brother last week, and you pull... A fucking sword on our only lead. Tell me, brother… What the fuck are you thinking? Who cares if the girl wanted money? She's alone in this world, why else would she go to the arena? She needed power, she wanted to live. The girl was hungry, did you see her face when we gave her the food? She even asked you to marry her. Sure it was a joke, but it showed how happy she was!"

Dillan could only look at the floor, his brother read Ellen like a book, and yet he ruined everything. Hearing his brother explain everything, Ellen had been honest with him. But, because of a foolish reason he drew his blade. He was level 45 and his brother was level 50. Why in the world did he act so foolishly?

He looked at Rick and said, "Sorry brother, what should I do?"

When Rick shook his head and said, "I do not know," he stood still.

Ellen stood up and asked, "What happens now?"

Rick looked at Ellen and asked, "Did you faint?"

Ellen sighed and said, "I was just frozen with fear, like a coward."

Rick said, "No you're one of the bravest people I know…"

Ellen asked, "Will I die today?"

Dillan and Rick, said "No."

Ellen responded, "Then the only thing we can do at this point is trade information for money, and given our location… I can't really say no."

Rick looked at Dillan and said, "How much is her information worth brother?"

Dillan responded, "500 gold upfront, 2000 gold if it cheeks out and 25% of the loot we get from the gang. The rest will be loot will pay the men, I'm afraid that is all the money our family can spare."

Rick nodded, while he was the head of the family, Dillan's position allowed him to deal with the day-to-day operations and it was around what he guessed they had to spare.

Ellen asked, "What about the mine?"

Rick responded, "Because we will leave your name out of it our family will take it, we can offer you 80% of the sales price or 70% of its profits, we need the rest to pay the workers a fair wage and take care issues that may happen.

Ellen drew up a contract detailing the agreement, She even lowered her share to 60% of the profits because Rick had given her a fair offer. However, should she die, the money would all go to Richard, the smith. The city heavily enforced these agreements and for major operations like this one, the city would track the agreement for a 5% share, worst case the agreement had a cause which allowed Richard to take the mine for himself, and should his family die the mine itself would be donated to the city.

While the city would waste a heavy part of the profits, Ellen guessed around 60% of it would land in the commoner's hands, with the city officials stealing the rest.


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