Surviving in the Game
21 First Blood
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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21 First Blood

The two fighters eyed each other up. While licking her lips the prisoner said, "When I kill you I will nibble on those nipples."

Ellen viewed the enemies stats and said…

[Kaylah Heart]

[Demon Worshiper]

[Demi Human]

[Level 15]

[HP 800]

[Stamina 200]

[Mana 0/750]

[Broken connection-Because of recent transformation, Unable to use magic]

"Well, I love the taste of demon pussy, let's have fun."

Hissing after she heard that comment, Kaylah charged forwards, but an iron gate blocked her path. Ellen understood she was at a disadvantage, but knew the weakness of a magic caster was a rouge. She quickly pumped all her spare [AP] into stamina and smiled because she now had 400 points in it.

In 'Bless,' they connected Stamina to speed and power, they could edit its balance, but players could not view others edited stats. Now that Ellen was level 4 she could view her daggers advanced information. For maximum damage, the daggers needed 100 power points, which allowed Ellen to spend the rest on speed. ⅕ was the ideal ratio, but they considered ¼ a close second for newer players.

A referee said, "Ready for combat?"

Ellen raised her hand, letting everyone know blood was about to be shed. The referee would not stop the fight, nor could they were not even inside the area. In truth they were paid, to open the gate for the prisoners.

Ellen saw Kaylah walk out of her cage and wonder if she did not want to show her speed, or if she was just really powerful. 'Bless' was not a simple game, they could use many tactics in battle a small trick might be the key to victory.

Ellen grabbed a dagger and tossed it towards Kaylah, who moved but could not dodge. The dagger hit her shoulder and caused 50 damage and a bleeding effect which would do an additional ⅓ damage over 60 seconds.

Seeing the damage counter, Ellen knew Kaylah had no armor and tossed her other dagger towards Kaylah.

Kaylah did not dodge again, but Ellen noticed her movement was faster than before.

"If they allowed arrows in the arena, you would be easy pickings" Kaylah had traded away hitpoints, but Ellen no longer had any ranged weapons. If tossed her toothpicks, it would be the death of her. While backing away from Kaylah until the full damage of the bleeds, Ellen prepared for melee combat. Ellen daggers were both in Kaylah's left arm, and because she was unarmored would cause problems for her.

Walking towards Kaylah's left side, Ellen smiled, but in her heart, she knew that Kaylah still had over 650 hitpoints remaining. The daggers were still embedded in her shoulder and forearm. If Ellen could remove them, the bleeding effect would trigger.

Ellen could not view Kaylah's current stamina, but she guessed it was around 175 because of blood loss, however, in 'Bless' blood losses drain on stamina was almost random. Or one could say it was too realistic because only a doctor could guess the drain with how advanced it was, but normally the more blood a player saw, the more stamina was lost.

Ellen looked at Kayah's breathing and noticed it was still human, which means she could target her vitals, such as her lungs and heart. Ellen felt silly because even if the enemy was 100 levels higher than her, without proper armor, they are cannon fodder.

Once Ellen remembered about targeting vitals, she charged in and killed Kaylah who only had a long sword to defend herself. While Kaylah attempted to abuse her range, Ellen deflected the sword with her speed advantage, and her 'Dagger Toss' and stabbed Kaylah's lung, before jumping away.

While pulling on her chain, Ellen yelled, "Fall."

When the toothpick was ripped out of Kaylah's lung, Ellen smiled. The sight of blood splashing on the floor. The sounds of the enemy gasping for air. The sounds of the viewers chanting, "Let her suffer." Ellen knew that the battle was over.

Ellen viewed Kaylah's stats and sighed.

[Kaylah Heart]

[Demon Worshipper]

[Hitpoints 250]

[Stamina 5/75]

Kaylah could barely move at this point. Her mind was in chaos and she begged Ellen, "End it."

However, Ellen spat on her and said, "I thought you wanted to bite on these nipples; you got me excited."

"I did not… Get the chance. Bitch..."

Afterward, Ellen tossed another dagger into Kaylah's remaining lung and watched her fall over and suffocate.

Walking over Kaylah's body and looking towards the audience Ellen wondered what was the point of all this?

However, Ellen raised her arms and yelled, "Victory!"

While asking Ellen, "If she would be fighting again," The referee closed the iron gate.

When Ellen said, "I am done for now," He responded, "It is good to know your current limits."

Ellen left the arena while hearing the chants, "Bring the next one."

While pouting because her life or death ordeal was just entertainment for the masses, she saw Dillan. He smiled at her and said, "Well done."

Ellen looked at him and asked, "Why was she so powerful?"

While nodding his head, Dillan placed his arm around Ellen and said, "My brother, is here, it is time to see what he thinks."


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