Surviving in the Game
20 Awakening
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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20 Awakening

After finding Dillan and training with him, Ellen completed her quest, which advanced her to level 4, when the game allowed players freedom of choice regarding attributes. While the total was much less than before, players could control where they went allowing for many types of combat.

Before viewing her stats, Ellen asked Dillan her last name.

While grunting he said, "Young."

[Ellen Young]

[Level 4]


[Hipoints 200]

[Mana 75]

[Stamina 300]

[Inventory 6/30]

Her level was very low and because she would be risking her life soon, she needed to think about how to use her new points. With only 100 more, she was considering Stamina and Hitpoints. While mana should be more useful, she could not use it now because she was fighting for her life. And while this is not the first time she took part in a duel, it is the first time she fought knowing her life was on the line.

Trembling hands and a loudly beating heart, made Ellen aware that these could be the final moments of her life. While yelling, "I will survive!" she looked at her hands and made a fist.

When she was walking towards her room, Ellen looked at the wooden floors, she looked at them as if their lines were works of art. After hearing a crash, Ellen raised her head and witnessed a young maid looking over a few mugs. A passerby even looked at the girl and sighed, but walked up to the girl and made sure she was ok. But, the sight of beer flowing from the broken mugs made her wonder whose blood will spill today.

Ellen entered Dillan's room. It had a dark wooden desk and even a private bathroom. Ellen looked out a window and smiled while looking towards the pure blue sky. She gazed into the sky and could not find a single cloud and said, "Such a beautiful sight, but would I notice it if I was not facing death soon?" She turned towards the desk, and smirked while saying, "Is today my last day?"

On the desk were a pen and a black paper. Ellen grabbed the pen and wrote… Everything… She started the letter with information only Dillan should know, such as his personal goals and hidden vices. However, soon after she wrote about the many things she knew, hoping they would be of aid and save a few people.

It contained her armor, daggers, bow, and arrows.

Looking at the attendant who recruited her into the arena, Ellen asked, "Time for battle?"

In that moment, the girl nodded and said, "Yes."

"Will you be back in time for lunch sis?"

"If I die, you will find a note in this room containing what you need, you must find it should I fail."

While fanning himself with a paper, Dillan said, "You mean this?"

"You have not opened it?"

"I am tempted, but you can tell me in person."

"At the least, it contains information about the Gang."

"See you soon sister."

Ellen opened her arms and said, "No hug?"

Dillan smiled and hugged Ellen. She asked, "Why?"

"Because those might be your last words."

After kicking him, Ellen said, "Fuck you!"

He slapped her back, and said, "Go get them, I heard the prisoners enjoyed playing with young girls."

Hearing his words, she sighed. As a woman, how could those words not get her attention? Ellen suspected he lied, but any motivation could be the difference between failure and success.

She waved him goodbye, and said, "Thanks, brother."

Suddenly, a bell rang and informed everyone that blood would soon be shed. Ellen left Dillan's room and jogged towards the arena's side entrance. Her body was ready for combat and her mind was clear.

Once she was inside, Ellen entered a changing room and looked at her reflection in a bowl of water. Her short purple hair needed trimming because her bangs could block her sight and cause her death. Her eyes soon watered as her hair was being cut away. Closing her eyes and yawning, gave her a moment of peace.

After she removed her clothing, she summoned her armor. Before wearing it, Ellen studied her body. She wiggled her legs and jumped around, making sure they were ready for battle and pumping herself up. She then played with her hands and felt a slight pain. Her grip was weak, she wondered if she injured herself when tossing the wooden sword and splashed herself with water. She felt the water on her chest and said, "Even in a new world, they are small." She then slapped her butt and said, "You're still with me, however."

She placed the armor over her bare skin and sighed while saying, "This armor is really not fit for combat. Skin tight leather is the same as latex, and it is much too thin…"

She knew her damage reduction would degrade quickly and regretted overspending on her weapons. However, it now was the time for battle. She spawned her Daggers and changed the handles. Now there was a chain connecting each dagger at the bottom of each handle. What Ellen loved most about these handles was the fact that she could remove the chains from the handles at will.

Once she was done with the handles, placed the chain around her neck and a dagger on each hip, and one dagger on each of her thighs. She then commented, "I look like Catwoman, not a real warrior…"

Ellen left the room and looked towards the arena's heavy metal gate. As if pulled by magic, her eyes could not pull away from the red lines. She placed her right hand on one line and exhaled while saying "I will make these marks a bit redder soon."

While walking slowing into the arena, she stopped because of a finger along her path… She was about to call out, but remembered without magic putting it back would be impossible.

Ellen kept walking down the path to the door and grinned once she placed her hand on the door and pulled on an iron handle...

Ellen looked around and saw many people around her. Begging for blood they all yelled, "Kill, Kill… And Kill." Each time they said the word her heart sped up. She estimated around 500 people were sitting around saying the same words, over and over like a chant.

If this was her world, such an action would be insane. Looking around, she knew this was not a game, but her new normal.

After lowering her gaze, it encountered the person Ellen would soon kill. Ellen exhaled again because this would be the first time she knew and understood she would kill someone.


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