Surviving in the Game
18 Opportunity
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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18 Opportunity

After trusting the dagger in the air a few times, Dillan asked, "How strong is this metal?"

Once he asked about the metal, Ellen knew she had his attention and tossed the wooden sword into the air.

After using 'Dagger Toss' and a decent sense of timing, Ellen was able to stab the flying sword, with her dagger into the wooden fence around the training area. Ellen knew the normal NPC's did not have access to certain skills and most of them would not know when they those are used.

Dillan who did not understand she cheated him and looked at Ellen in awe because not only did Ellen's attack hit the sword, but it also landed on the top of the wooden fence around the training arena. He made a fist but calmed himself before assuming Ellen was careless.

When she noticed his fist, she knew she made a mistake and said, "I am sorry for my display, but I needed to impress you if I wanted to help me deal with the gang."

Dillan looked at the young girl and assumed she was a talented girl but wet behind the ears.

"Foolish girl, what if your finger slipped!"

Ellen stepped back seeing his reaction and said, "I am sorry." She noticed Dillan's stare and repeated, "I am sorry."

Dillan asked, "Were is your caretaker?"

While looking down she said, "I have none."

"What happened?"

Ellen stared at him but did not respond.

While exhaling, Dillan said, "Did you join the contest seeking a mentor?"

Ellen responded, "No, but my actions today prove that I need one. I am reckless." Ellen lost her footing and said, "I am a fool. I would have died if not for you.?"

After studying the girl, Dillan said, "You are talented and hot-headed."

"Your right, I will report the location of the camp to the captain of the guard."

Dillan smirked and said, "Do you have proof?"


"Why trust your words?"

Ellen knew Dillan had a connection to the current captain and said, "Because I know certain things, which are not made public."

While squinting, he asked, "Like what?"

"Where they get their iron, and how they make the branding on their weapons."

Because they made the Powder Gangs weapons with a different iron, then what they sold in the city, Dillan smiled. Ellen's information could be vital.

"What is your name?"

"Ellen why?"

"Come with me, and give this information to the captain,"

"But, how can I trust him? The gang has powerful friends in the city."

Dillan paused when hearing that statement and said, "Are you sure?"

Ellen nodded.

While sighing, Dillan said, "My brother is the captain of the guard. If your information is true, I will protect you from anyone who wishes to harm you."

"For my information, I wish to become your brother's wife."

"His wife?"

"I have enemies, but I might scare them if I was his wife."

Dillan looked at Ellen and said, "My brother is not interested in women. He will not love you."

"How can I ask him to love me, if we have never seen each other? But, if he will not marry me then he must become my brother."

Dillan rubbed his chin and said, "Becoming our sister is possible, but if you are to become part of my family, we must train you in combat. None of us are as weak."

Ellen grinned and said, "We have a deal."

After rubbing his temples, Dillan said, "He will need to agree to your terms."

Ellen nodded and asked, "Why are you willing to pay so much for the information on the gang?"

While closing his eyes and exhaling he said, "They attacked us once, and while we won the battle they killed my youngest brother."

"Those bastards will die."

Dillan looked at Ellen's eyebrows and could feel real hate behind them.

Ellen asked, "What about the contest?"

Dillan faced Ellen and said, "Forget about it."

But Ellen shook her head and said, "I signed up, I must compete."

"If that is your code, then face one prisoner."

Ellen sighed and said, "Very well, elder brother."

Dillan giggled and said, "Silly girl, let's find my other brother and see what he thinks."

"Don't I have to defeat a prisoner in battle before I leave?"

"Then we will meet him tonight. For now, we will train, little sis."


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