Surviving in the Game
17 Problem“s
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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17 Problem“s

Ellen's confusion caused her to look silly. Looking into the girl's eyes, she gasped because in some moments; they are blue and in others they become grey. When they were changing colors, it felt like the world stopped. Ellen knew such an idea was silly, but could not ignore it.

While the girl's eyes were grey, Ellen asked the girl for her name. She could not see her lips move, but she then knew they called the girl Marie. She thought of an old song, "Mary had a little lamb Eieio." Wondering why a song would enter her head she looked at Marie, who was pointing at a few papers. Perhaps feeling silly Ellen flicked her head in response. Ellen handed her the signed papers and left the room.

After Ellen left the room, Marie said, ''Observe her we need to know what type of person Ellen is. She could be a hero or our greatest enemy. Killing her would doom my people if she was the savior. If she is evil, inform me."

Unable to hear Marie's words, but knowing Marie would be an important person in her life she sighed because she did not know if she would be a friend or foe. After leaving the room, she smirked thinking she had found protection from the guild. She needed a backstory and quickly.

After dealing with the papers, they took her to the training arena where she saw Dillan, the man from whom she needed approval. He looked at Ellen who was sitting on a wooden bench. Because she was a beauty, she was distracting his men, which could lead to their deaths.

While Ellen was still seated, an older-looking woman approached her. Ellen looked at her body and seeing the scars under her eyes and on her body, she asked, "Are you the trainer for the female combatants?"

After giggling the women responded, "No I am not, Marie sent me to learn about you."

Ellen stared into the ladies pink eyes and said: "Who is Marie?"

The women stared at Ellen and said, "A woman who will never force you into cutting your hair again." Ellen recalled having to cut her hair in the escape from the Spartan camp.

She rubbed the ends of her hair and said, "How can you tell?"

"Alex issued a bounty for you. Your hair in the picture was long. But, do not worry your friend Tim quickly imprisoned him."

Ellen squinted her eyes. While she had not seen the bounty, it seems likely that the story was true. However, this situation made little sense to her…

At this moment, she could not place her finger on it, but she trusted her gut feeling, but she could not make an enemy out of anyone she needed allies. If Marie was not an enemy, perhaps she could be a friend?

While Ellen's mind was running a risk/reward calculation, she asked the lady, "Perhaps, we look alike?"

"If Marie says you're the girl from the bounty, you're the girl from the bounty."

Retorting Ellen said, "Is Marie a God? Why do you have so much faith in her words?"

While giggling, the lady responded, "A God? I think not, but she has a sharp mind."

"Look around you… There are many geniuses around here… Is your leader the same as them?"

The lady's eyes tilted for a second. She exhaled and said, "No."

"Then I know little about Marie, and before I can respect or fear something, I need to know what it is." While Ellen suspected Marie was someone important, before she allied herself with anyone, she needed information on them before making a choice. Besides what was so odd about this conversation?

After dealing with the old lady, she headed towards Dillan, who could not hide his stare.

Ellen told him she needed his approval and asked him how she could earn it.

He looked into her eyes, and said, "Win."

"The contest?"

While smirking he responded, "Yes."

"Sounds harsh for a standard escort job."

"They sent you to gain my approval for an escort job?"

"Yes," replied Ellen.

While tilting his head Dillan asked, "Who sent you?"

"A young blond girl with blue eyes."


While shaking her head, and lifting her shoulders Ellen replied, "I did not get her name, but that should be the case."

"That little girl… She is looking for people to help her with a quest, not sure what it is, but she pays well."

Ellen asked, "If she pays well, why is she a common clerk?"

"Who knows? Asking those types of questions will get you killed."

"Thanks for the warning Dillan, I guess this city has its dark side too."

Dillian responded, "You signed up for the contest; no backing down now. Time for some training."

Ellen nodded while grabbing a wooden sword. She entered a circular wooden arena and looked at Dillan. He grabbed his wooden sword and waved her over. She walked towards him and attacked, but she could not land any strikes. He had given her some tips, but Ellen could not improve in one short lesson.

He looked at her and sighed while saying, "You cannot use the sword; it is not a dagger, but you move around well. "

Ellen responded, "I will use daggers, in the contest."

"I hope you use them well, but you have a long road ahead of you if you plan to earn my approval."

"If I win the contest, I hope you will give me the ok."

"Are you trying to join Marie's quest or looking to become an escort?"

Ellen stared at him for a second and said, "I am looking to take down the Powder Gang."

Dillan rubbed his chin and said, "How?"

Ellen smiled and said, "I know the general location of the main hideout interested?"

"Such a place would have a good amount of protection."

Reaching around her back, she summoned her [Death's toothpicks] and presented one to Dillan. Once he held the dagger, his eyes opened in surprise because of how light it was and wondered what kind of metal was this dagger made of.


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