Surviving in the Game
16 Little girl?
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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16 Little girl?

Ellen looked Around the battle arena, but could not find the Dillan in the note. The note said IN the battle arena, not around it. While it was a foolish thought, because Ellen was at her breaking point, she headed directly towards the arena. When she recalled saying the brave words, "Death means failure," she wanted to slap herself, but perhaps, she gained that girl's interest?

Ellen walked down a dirt road towards the arena's spectacle of an entrance. She noticed an abnormally large gathering around an inn and wondered what was happening. They were all looking at a sign for a contest called "Newcomers Gallery." Ellen noticed two trainers, Dillan and Black.

She knew Dillan was IN the arena, but could not see him now because the contest was all day long. However, because she needed a large amount of money quickly and had limited time, shed decided wining or placing high in the contest would impress Dillan and earn her some money. Because the contest had an entry limit for people level 5 and below and required people to use their own gear, Ellen was confident she could win it.

Ellen did not suspect this outpost was so large, she wondered what was going on and how this arena compared to the one in the city which had a level 10 requirement. She walked towards the arena and planned to sign up. But, the sight of the girl from earlier interrupted her; Ellen wondered why she was with the higher ups from the city and wanted to investigate the girl, but for now she needed to impress her and Dillan, in order to sign up for the escort job and the fastest way would be to join the contest and place well in it.

This was not your standard contest because it was part of the city's effort in limiting crime by butchering violent criminals for entertainment. The billboard gave stories about the criminals which are facing possible death or dismemberment, but Ellen ignored it because as long as there was a reasonable reason, she did not care. With the invasion at hand how could one worry about a minor issue like capital punishment? While Ellen cared about social justice, she valued living even more.

Because the target viewers were the common people, the prize for the contest was 30 gold coins. However, the fame and mentor-ship was the real reward most people were seeking. Because the aim of the contest was killing prisoners and not each other, the winner was decided by who killed the most prisoners, in a single battle.

The contestants only had one chance at picking the amount of prisoners they would face, in combat. The criminals were not armored, but it was possible for them to earn their freedom if they killed twenty people in combat. Ellen looked at her daggers and smiled while entering the arena.

Shortly Ellen entered the arena's sign in area, and because of a recent prisoner escape the employees of the arena were rushing any willing contestant. After Ellen stated she was willing, the girl from earlier spotted her from above stands and rubbed her chin, before continuing to chat with the city's officials, who were enjoying the relaxed atmosphere with the commoners. Ellen heard one of them say, "What an enjoyable atmosphere."

Ellen wondered what type of faction this girl was a part of and why she would work as a common clerk with such a powerful background, but because she was being investigated by the assassin's guild she hoped they would give her membership.

An employee escorted Ellen into an office and waved her goodbye before leaving. Ellen looked ahead and saw the same girl whom handed her the note and was talking with the city's leaders, but could not place such an odd figure. How could she not remember such a seemingly important person? Ellen looked ahead asked who are you?

The young girl looked back at Ellen and said, "A simple employee of the arena you are here to sign up for the contest correct?"

Ellen leaned forward and stared at the girls' eyes, but saw them changing colors, and asked, "Why do your eyes change colors?"

The girl joked and said, "What kind of drugs are you on, and where can I buy them?"

Ellen yawned and said, "Well, a girl needs to have a little hidden no?"

The girl retorted, "Fiinnnnneeeee," and tossed Ellen a stack of papers and said, "Read it and sign."

"Fine, I will sign the papers, but how do you know I can read?"

"Because, you saw my eyes changing colors, Ellen."

After, hearing her name Ellen wondered, how does she know my name?


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