Surviving in the Game
15 Battle Arena?
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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15 Battle Arena?

Because Ellen could not directly assault the powder gang, she decided an indirect method would be best, her new goal would be to cause a war between a merchant faction and the gang, hopefully weakening them and enabling her to attack them directly.

While walking toward a trading post, Ellen saw the leader of a merchant tribe from afar. It was one of the tribes that transported supplies for many of the settlements around Corcya. Most people called them, "The Golden links," because they allowed the settlements to specialize in producing goods such as iron and raw fish.

At one point this connected it to the government, but over time they could not compete with private traders that were connected with the tribe. Because of their vast influence, Ellen wished to control or become a major part of this organization.

But for now what Ellen was seeking was a high-risk escort job which meant they would cross areas that contained bandits groups, such as Myth and The Powder Gang. She remembered such jobs were common for everyday players, who were looking to take a break, and chat with their friends.

More often than not these missions lacked combat, and when they did the caravans won quickly, but lost a few goods in the process. Ellen's goal was to follow the goods back the to base. She knew the general location of the base, but because of her job in the guild, forgot its exact location.

Ellen walked towards a tent. She looked at a young girl that was handing out assignments for escorts and similar jobs. She was a well-organized and Ellen could remember her blue eyes and blonde hair. But even so, she could not think of who this person was. Once Ellen entered the tent she walked towards a counter and greeted the girl who she had her eye on.

The girl greeted Ellen and said, "Please take a seat; how can I assist you?"

Ellen sat down and smiled before saying, "I wish to apply to be an escort."

The girl eyed Ellen's gear and said, "You need to pass a test, but other than that there will be no issues."

Ellen sighed thinking she had fallen so low she had to take a test to be an escort, but said, "I have no money is there a fee?"

The girl grinned and said, "Yes, but if you pass, it is no cost; are you afraid of failure?"

Ellen responded, "Failure in this line of work means death; I do not wish to die."

While giggling the girl replied, "Well said, you talk the talk, but can you walk the walk," and handed Ellen a paper.

Ellen read the paper and handed it back to the girl and said, "Yes, I can read."

The girl smiled and said, "That is rare for an escort."

"In the future, it will be the greatest skill," while heading towards the testing area.

After reading the note, Ellen headed towards the battle arena and looked for an older man called Dillan. Because she could not spot him quickly, she yelled his name rapidly. Perhaps, this was the Dillan who trained many warriors? Ellen was happy because if she remembered correctly Dillan could be useful in training her men. While she knew this Dillan was not yet the man from the game, it would be a blessing if she could befriend the current him.

No one answered her, but this made her smile because often this meant that Dillan would more than likely be the person she had in mind. Finding one of the founder's of spear combat in such a position would also connect to a quest if she could earn his trust, however right now she had to find the man.

Ellen ran around asking the local combatants, "Do you know Dillan?" But, none of them gave her a positive answer some even sidetracked her into seeking a different person.

Ellen knew something was different because normally such a quest would be easy. The word quest triggered her minds, and she instantly recalled the quest tab and opened it up. However, all it said was find Dillan…


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