Surviving in the Game
14 The Power of Information
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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14 The Power of Information

She smiled and thought, "If they are lucky they will find out about the jail, but that made her wonder where did this body come from?"

When Ellen picked the herbs, she looked at her face which was reflected in a nearby puddle. Because it was like her real one, Ellen might not have noticed how this was not her real body.

Ellen rubbed her temples and thought about what could connect her new body and the system. Artificial intelligence, perhaps a magic power? It could also be possible that something connects both idea's, or if she still cannot grasp the truth…


Suddenly, thunder clouds formed around her and struck the area. Igniting all the nearby herbs, and trees. In reaction to the flames she ran towards the sea, and watched the raging fire nearly surround her and destroy the nearby area. An odd smell of medicinal herbs and soot filled her nose..

Once Ellen left the immediate area, she exhaled because she had stored the herbs in her inventory, and due to the fire causing a potential shortage they might be worth a small fortune. Ellen looked at the value of the herbs and smiled because they would soon be worth much more.

Occasionally an item would break out in value. Ellen knew these herbs would grow in value perhaps not as much as when players discovered they could create a basic potion, but they should fall back down well before then. The basic potion recipe was a combination of two herbs, but because they would not work on NPC's potion making NPC'S would not really spend time with Alchemy.

Ellen wondered if she could make a potion that would work for them, but dismissed the idea because she did not know about the topic, perhaps she could learn more in the guilds. She even thought of using a basic potion on herself. Because she did not know if was truly an NPC or a player, she decided that making a potion would be best.

She took out the herbs and attempted to make a potion, but sighed because she did not have the tools nor the experience for potion crafting. If she could advance in a guild, would they be willing to teach her? Perhaps, she could become an apprentice again? Or would it be best to wait for players to enter the world?

However, she did not know if players would enter the world this time around; her being around has already changed the world. The biggest change would be Athena potentially leading Athens. Ellen knew the state of the world before the invasion the demons had invaded. Many humans were killing each other because of a war between Athens and Sparta, but Ellen and Athena would stop this war ideally. The war continued after the demons invaded, but ended when Athens was almost captured by demons.

Ellen needed money to control and supply an army. Her goal was to invade the demon realm, she knew the demons where the victim of something, but was not aware of what. Ellen sighed because while she was a high level player, she had explored only a small part of the games content. In fact, in terms of guild battles, Bless was more about wealth than the power of guilds combating faction, which was why few players really explored.

Ellen had always thought this was foolish, but never found the time to explore the game, she giggled when the game made the statement that leaders of guilds where lower leveled than the average player. She sighed thinking she was not a talented fighter, and would be considered slightly talented, however she knew this was because she had access to the best training a top tier guild provided.

Ellen looked towards the city and knew shortly that the herbs would go up in price, and wanted to take advantage, but she had no gold left. Ellen thought of using loan sharks. However, she had to dismiss the idea because they would not lend her a large amount of money, after all she was unknown. She could also rob some criminal elements around the city, such as the powder gang, which was just people exiled from Athens that had continued their criminal ways.

There was the weekly tax collector, but following him would only lead towards city hall. Ellen would feel guilty robbing the city because it had a low tax rate. However, Ellen remembered there was a bounty for Powder Gang members, and that all you needed was there bandanna which had a special marking and the dagger they held, which was made with a poor quality iron.

Ellen smiled because of her recent jail experience she had an unjustified dislike for Athenians, and while she knew it was a silly and illogical feeling she could not help it, and smiled in excitement because she was helping the city clear out its issues and not acting on a personal vendetta. She nodded her head due to her justification and headed towards the Powder Gang.


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