Surviving in the Game
13 Power of the System
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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13 Power of the System

Ellen sprinted away from the inn and entered the marketplace, but could not spot any pursuers. After confirming she was not in combat, she still could not locate anyone. However, that does not mean she was not followed. Ellen looked at her map, but it was all blurred out, other than the world map.

While she recalled the faction in the game was lawful evil, she could not be sure they would be the same in this world. After running around the housing district, Ellen entered the marketplace. She headed to a clothing stall and grabbed a shirt while looking in the mirror making sure no one followed her. After visiting a few more stalls, she saw no one, but she is dealing with an assassins' guild and remained vigilant.

Ellen rubbed her forehead and headed towards city hall. She smiled when walking on the open floor and headed towards a small line meeting with an attendant. The lady looked at Ellen and sighed because Ellen was unranked and said, "Signing up?"

Ellen smiled and said, "Yes, how much is a ranking test?"

The lady exhaled and sighed before saying, "Another waste of money… It costs 50 silvers or half a gold coin."

Ellen grinned and said, "What's the highest paying job you can give me?"

The attendant pressed her lips together and rubbed her eyebrows before saying, "The guild needs herbs, you can escort someone or find the herbs yourself."

Ellen tilted her head and said, "Where are the herbs and which ones are you looking for? Also tell me more about the risks of the escort mission."

"The herbs grow near the seashore, we use them for healing small wounds.". The lady smiled and added, "Other than bandits, monster crabs might be an issue depending on your skill."

Ellen ignored the cocky lady and responded, "How many people are escorting the herbalist and what is the price for each herb should I bring them? Also, you never told me what herb the guild seeks."

The lady sighed and said, "Brat you have to many questions, all the details are here."

Ellen grabbed the paper and read the English words, and wondered why was it in English… But, she could not find any answers was this how the locals wrote or was it because the game system? She even wondered what is the game system.

While she was in a video game, a system was normal, but now she suspected this world was real. She thought it was like a plot hole in a novel, however she also considered that she is missing much information about who or what brought her here. For now, she needed power and to investigate.

She wondered how Athena was doing in Athens and smiled because if she cannot use her powers controlling that land will be a hard task. However, she did not trust Athena. Why would a Goddess lower herself to her level? Why was she so important? Surely she is a weak mortal why did Athena speak to her?

Ellen rubbed her head while something attracted her to Athena. Athena would never be attracted to a mortal; why did she say I have a chance? Why would she lie or possibly be attracted to a mortal? The only thing abnormal about her was the system and her information about the future. She recalled Athena knew about the game, but did not talk about the system or how it worked.

Perhaps, the Gods do not fear me, but fear the system? Ellen thought about how powerful the storage system was, It contained the space of about half a wagon, but could carry unlimited weight and would not slow her down, and instantly transfer items from its space to another, while it had a limited range, if she could place herself in that storage or use its teleport feature, even the God's fear would be understandable.

What confused her more was how the system had its own rules why did it value ownership of an item? Why was she able to get the dagger again? Was it because it was a set? Or, perhaps it was because she crafted it? Why is the system's power limited? What is limiting its power? Could the system become stronger?

Even with its limited 'powers,' Ellen suspected there had to be an energy source. Ellen recalled the games lore and recalled information about how mana, and mages could mold the power into anything, provided they had the skill even new life.

That is when it hit her, perhaps experience points is really life energy, or mana. Ellen remembers in the game if there was too much mana nearby, mages could not control it. If they were low leveled, the game would say "Overpowered." It was never really an issue because mages were a higher leveled because of how much area they could damage, however they lacked escape methods, and where extremely slow.

Ellen's mind kept thinking of the many unknown issues, but she soon found herbs. It was time for her to join the adventurers guild, perhaps they could provide cover from the assassins guild, Ellen rubbed her chin and decided even if they should just be following her for now they should have something in mind for me, but having no information about me will be a first for them.

She smiled and thought, "If they are lucky they will find out about the jail, but that made her wonder where did this body come from?"


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