Surviving in the Game
12 Moving on
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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12 Moving on

Ellen kept working with Richard and improved her skill in smithing. In her heart, she was once again a master smith, but would have to get rare metals and a improved portable forge to confirm.

While heating metal in the forge, she looked towards the swords Richard made and shouted, "Richard today is the day." She saw her master giggle and say, "You wish." Richard sighed because his new apprentice was talented but cocky. He had promised her she could work a forge after hours, on weekends. He had thought she could not work the weekend considering she was a young girl, but smiled thinking perhaps he could allow his son Billy to sell her weapons.

Ellen looked back and saw the iron was ready to hammer, she banged the into the metal and entered her rhythm; it was a smile one that went "Ding Ding Dang, but it was hers." The future kaiken or dagger cooled down, and she exhaled, while placing it back into the forge. With her uncovered hand she rubbed her temples. Because making all the different steels needed for this weapon was a task and she ended up only using one.

Ellen looked towards Richard and smiled because he was testing metals she made that did not pass her standard. While the daggers are made with near modern quality steel, they are thicker than normal in order to avoid having breaking. Richard watched Ellen fold the metal and said, "Why?" Ellen replied, "Making the metal unbreakable."

He pointed his finger at her while giggling and said,, "I'll break it, anyway." She yawned and said, "With your bones." Richard grabbed his arms and shook his body and giggled before saying, "Scary," while leaving Ellen alone at the forge.

A few weeks went on and Ellen was still drawing out swords for Richard while working on her daggers after hours. Finally prepared to normalize them, she smiled because It was hard for her to heat the sword evenly, but soon she quenched and tempered them.

After she finished polishing, she looked at her daggers and sighed thinking of how such a work would be hidden away, but because she planned on joining the assassins' guild, she knew she would need such a weapon.

She placed the daggers into the two of the many handles she made for stealth and entered their name before viewing their status.

[Death's toothpicks]

[Flawless Steel]

[Grade A]

[Damage 40/40]


[Edge- Flawless]

[Armor penetration 50%]

{Steel and below}

{Changeable handles}

(The first of its kind)

Because she used manual mode Ellen, could dual wield daggers. Ellen had also purchased a leather armor set with her wages. She grinned looking at her new armor set and viewed its stats.

[Armor of Mist]

[Armor 20% damage reduction]

{Iron and Below}

[Reduced Sound]

Ellen returned to Cynthia's inn. While walking towards Cynthia she placed her elbows on the stone bar and called her over. Ellen saw Cynthia wink at her while serving a different customer. Ellen's heart raced while looking at her grey eyes. Cynthia approached Ellen with a smile and said, "What up?"

Ellen looked into Cynthia's eyes while playing with her fingers and said, "I found a key, but the door is too heavy, so pour me a drink."

Cynthia rocked her head back and responded, "Sometimes finding a door will make you stronger," while she poured a beer into her wooden mug.

Cynthia's response surprised Ellen and pondered if there was more to Cynthia than she knew. In the game, she was just a connection to the assassin's guild, but now that this was a real world Ellen wanted to understand everyone more. She imagined Richard and sighed, but becoming a small time smith would not get her back home.

Ellen was not worried, because the assassin's guild would only target criminals. However, they did not pay well. However, the skills and training they provided were fantastic. Ellen rubbed her chin while thinking of the guild someone knocked on her door.

"Can I come in?"

Ellen heard Cynthia's voice and opened the door for her.

Cynthia greeted her with a dagger in hand and said, "Who are you! How do you know of the guild?"

Ellen jumped back and grabbed daggers, which appeared from the air. Ellen cast 'Dagger toss,' but Cynthia deflected the blade. After casting 'Dagger Toss,' Ellen jumped out of a window and escaped.


Cynthia did not chase her, but smiled after Ellen attacked her on sight. She picked up the dagger Ellen tossed and smiled but it vanished from her hand. Cynthia looked at her hands and around the room but found nothing. She wondered if she was dreaming until she looked at her damaged dagger and sighed. After collecting herself she wrote on a paper and tossed it near the trash…


Ellen noticed she was not being chased and wondered, "What is going on?"


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