Surviving in the Game
11 Apprentice 2
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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11 Apprentice 2

After gaining an apprenticeship with Rick, Ellen returned to Cynthia's inn. She grinned because she was connecting to a great assassin. While she knew it would not work Ellen viewed Cynthia's stats, but they were blank. Ellen screamed, "What the fuck am I doing?" Everyone inside the inn looked over at Ellen, but she simply ordered more beer and moved on. Cynthia squinted at Ellen, but handed her a beer. Ellen drank and drank while bragging about working with Rick.

A woman walked up to her and said, "Rick is not a real smith."

Ellen roared and said, "Bitch everyone knows your iron is softer than silver!" The woman looked at Ellen and proclaimed that her weapons are stronger than hers.

Ellen smiled and grabbed her dagger and said, "Make a wager or shut up." Many of the people in the bar were listening to this conversation or looking at the girls. Rick entered the bar and sighed, but watched as his drunken apprentice defended him. Ellen pointed at a wooden support and declared, "My dagger vs yours toss it into the wood and the one that makes the bigger hole is the winner." She even drank another beer, giving off a drunken expression, but Rick noticed she was sober.

The woman brought out two gold coins and said, "A small wager no?"

However, Ellen responded "I will wager my hands, because without them we cannot smith; will you do the same? "

The other smith punched the table and said, "Your hands are not worth two gold coins, but I will take them."

Ellen grinned and said, "Talk is cheap toss your dagger."

The woman tossed her dagger towards the wooden support and smiled when two-thirds of the blade entered it.

Ellen grinned and said, "Useless."

She looked at her dagger and grinned while using 'Dagger Toss.'

The woman looked at Ellen's dagger while it completely entered the support beam and sighed, while handing over the two coins.

Ellen grabbed the coins and said, "When gambling with Rick's weapons, you cannot lose."

Cynthia saw Ellen's toss and rubbed her chin and left a key on her bed. Ellen drank the night away and returned to bed. She saw the key and grinned because she had earned Cynthia's interest.

Ellen recalled Cynthia's stare and grabbed the dagger and giggled because the code was the same as the game's. Ellen sighed because her combat level was too low to join the assassin's guild.

Ellen went to bed and meet with Rick the next day. She watched him hammer the molten metal into the shape of a sword. Ellen watched him closely and learned that the world follows the same rules as her own. While it was not the same as the game, it was like the real world. She looked at Rick and asked if she could draw out an iron bar.

He looked at her and said, "It would be hard but I believe in you."

Ellen responded, "You mean you should be able to fix my mistakes."

Ellen grabbed an iron bar and heated it up. She heated and hammered the iron bar until it held a sword's shape. After it cooled down, she brought it to rick. Rick looked at the blade and grinned. It already held the shape of a sword. He looked into her red eyes and said, "This was well made."

"After watching you, how could it not be?"

He responded, "Yes, but you watched me well."

Ellen asked, "If she could make the handle."

Rick said, "You can, but I recommend you wait."


"Because you still have not mastered the basics. While you drew out the iron, it is still not the best. However, from tomorrow onward you will draw out blades and improve your hammering skills." Ellen thanked Rick and returned to the inn.


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