Surviving in the Game
10 Apprentice
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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10 Apprentice

Ellen left her room and greeted Cynthia with a smile while she headed towards the marketplace. She strolled around until she saw Rick, her favorite smith. She knew he was the key for her to smith in the city. She walked around his store looking at the iron weapons and grinned because they were far better than hers. Ellen grabbed a sword, a bow and a set of daggers. She viewed her new weapons and smiled outwardly, but mentally became drained.

[Iron Sword]

[Crafting Bonus Rank C (10%, or +5 bonus stats, whichever is greater.)]

[Durability Low]

[Edge maintenance poor]

[Iron Bow]

[Rank C]

[Durability Low]

[Edge poor]

X2 [Iron Dagger]

[Rank C]

[Hardness 10]

[Durability 100]

[Edge poor]

Ellen thought of how attack damaged worked in Bless, and sighed because it was useless, once you progressed. Players balanced hardness, weight, durability and weapons sharpness. Ellen remembered the early days of Bless, when most players thought they bugged swords, because they never maintained their swords. Iron weapons were cheap, but they lost their edge in battle because they had low durability and the edge decayed after a few good attacks, which made them act like a bad mace.

With the last of her gold she brought a whetstone and looked at Rick; she would become his friend over time, which would allow her accesses to his smithery. Ellen asked him, "Can I become an apprentice?"

Rick looked at her and responded, "Why?"

She told him, "Because a smith is a smith in their heart."

Rick squinted and pulled out two daggers and placed them on the wooden table. Ellen looked at the dagger on the left. It was a work of art. The golden handle, dyed leader cover, and the engraved blade made of silver made her smile; the artwork on this dagger was top-notch. She then looked at the other dagger, it seemed normal, but she grabbed it to make sure, however it was a normal dagger.

He smiled and asked, "Which is the better dagger?"

Ellen grinned and responded, "There is only one dagger."

Rick looked at her and said, "I see two blades."

She sighed and said, "Because you are drunk."

He said, "When is a dwarf not drunk?"

Ellen grabbed the blade said, "When he calls this a dagger."

Rick pointed at the golden blade and said, "Why?"

Ellen smiled and placed it on the table, "This is a work of art, but a useless weapon or tool; the blade is soft and will decay quickly also the shine would make it harder to hunt."

Rick asked her, "Then why is this worth more than the dagger."

She grinned and said, "The only worth it has is on a wall next to a painting."

Rick grinned and asked, "You have understanding, but do you have the drive?"

Ellen looked at him and said, "Care to find out?"

Rick sighed and said, "Welcome aboard, you can watch me and if you are confident you can attempt crafting, but you have to pay for the cost of everything."

Ellen asked, "How much is the training going to cost?"

He said, a five year contract or 500 gold to break it.

Ellen signed the paperwork and watched Rick because she wanted to see if there was any changes from the game into this world.She watched Rick and grinned because while a good part of her skills would remain, there was much to learn in this world. The way he hammered away, and his rhythm made her excited. She licked her lips and asked, "What can I do to help?"


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