Surviving in the Game
9 Foundations for the Future.
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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9 Foundations for the Future.

It had been a few days since their argument, but Ellen could not forgive Athena and peered into her eyes. Athena looked at Ellen and murmured, "I believe it's time."Ellen grinned at her and answered, "Prepare Athens for the invasion; I will do the same for Rome."

After they parted ways, Ellen reached Corcyra, the most modern city in the game. They sold the portable smithy which was expensive to upgrade, but allowed players a chance to build items in safe areas, and needed twice the amount of raw goods.

Ellen found a stable and greeted its proprietor. The proprietor knew this client was a buyer and smiled while saying, "How can I help you?"

Ellen smiled at the man and responded, "From what I can see you have the best wagons in town, however I can only afford 12 gold coin for one and two horses." The man looked at her and rubbed his chin before saying, "I have an older wagon that might work for you."

Ellen walked with the owner and studied at some well-made carts and races horses on the path to the back of the stable house. After the light walk, the proprietor offered her a wagon. Ellen inspected it and acknowledged it was an extremely basic wagon and worn down, but had strong wood and they maintained it properly. Ellen glanced at it and groaned, because it had no extravagances, but this was a reasonable compromise. However, Ellen stared at the horses and examined them.


[Level 5]

[HP 500]

[Stamina 750]

Ellen laughed and announced, "Theses horses are slim, but I will offer 10 gold for everything." The man cried, but acknowledged the deal, because if she requested the guards it would be a substantial issue for him. They traveled to his office and dealt with the paperwork. Ellen left the hut and headed towards city hall. Ellen recalled, the time she spent in these buildings, many of her old duties lead her here. After she certified the wagon and mules, she entered her wagon and emptied her inventory.

Ellen used the games system, which allowed her to move items into the wagon's storage and headed towards the marketplace. Ellen looked around the stores stalls and sighed because she used to own a few. She looked for her favorite food vendor, Cynthia and smiled when she found her flipping burgers. She asked Cynthia for a Coke burger and cheese sticks and offered her the food in her wagon. Cynthia squinted when she saw the large amount of food, but saw the papers on the wagon, and assumed Ellen was a merchant. Cynthia offered her 5 Gold coins for the food and Ellen responded, "Make it 4 Gold, but I need a place to stay for a while." Cynthia smiled and slowed Ellen a room in her inn. Ellen jumped in her bed and looked outside while thinking of how gain power and unite the land of Bless.

The invasion brought about many developments in Bless, but nothing grander than introducing magic. When demons and undead souls occupied the land; they were all attacked. But once the players enter the game things changed because they learned there was a greater problem was at hand because the demons were not willing invaders. Ellen needed information on the real invader. Dealing with the invasion and the invader, was significant, but a question lingered in her mind. If Athena does not know how I can return home, who does?

She glanced at the sky and exhaled while speculating how Athena was doing in Athens. Athena actions upset her, but she was the only person who understood her situation and could communicate candidly with.


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