Surviving in the Game
8 A Game?
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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8 A Game?

Athena gazed into Ellen's eyes and said, "Zeus says you're a hero, and sent me to help you."

Ellen replied, "How do I get home?"

Athena sighed and replied, "Zeus thinks you coming here has to with the invasion and the connection of the four worlds."

"Four worlds? I thought there was three."

Athena giggled and teased Ellen and said, "You're in the underworld."

Ellen rubbed her chin while the concept of the four worlds entered her mind. The Demon world and its constantly changing name, Earth, The underworld which she is in and Elysium.

After a slight interval, Ellen collected herself and asked, "How was I able to perceive everything, and can you finally explain how I go back home?"

Athena smiled and said, "Sorry, not even a theory."

Ellen sighed and responded, "Are you here to follow me?"

Athena paused for a minute and replied, "Sure, how can I really advise you when you know better than I."

Ellen said, "Can you still change the way you look?"

Athena shook her head and responded no, "You plan to rule over Italy?"

Ellen smiled and entered the cave. Athena followed behind and giggled while they entered, but warned Ellen that she is only as strong as her. Ellen nodded and looked at the bandit hideout. It was circular cave but at its center was a wooden shelter, which contained three levels. Ellen and Athena jumped in the cenote and trembled while swimming underwater until they made it near a small dock. Since there was only one guard near the dock they killed him by using both their 'Dagger Tosses,' from under the water.

Ellen smiled because the bandits food stores were nearby and stuffed her inventory with it and started a fire. She rowed the bandits boat the entrance of the cave.

They heard screaming and turned around. They both saw a beautiful red flame, but while Athena smiled Ellen's eyes watered. Athena looked at Ellen's eyes and hugged her, while telling her, "I am a Goddess. What we did is just. My father will reward us for our actions today."

Ellen looked towards the Goddess and said, "How about the others we killed."

Athena kissed Ellen's forehead and responded, "They will find peace in your world."

She responded, "What happens if they die in my world?"

Athena held Ellen in her bosom and said, "You know the answer."

"So we move back and forwards between worlds, but why do some people lead easier lives than others."

"It is difficult to earn a place in the underworld or heaven, but a good life does not mean wealth."

Ellen looked towards Athena and said, "I feel sinful because I desire you."

Athena pressed Ellen into her embrace and said, "I am a goddess, how could you not?"

Ellen whimpered, "Do I have a chance?"

Athena responded, "Mortals have unlimited capacity."

Athena flipped Zeus off and used a magic spell. Ellen stared at Athena while she placed her in a modern style bed. Athena vanished, but this place distracted Ellen. After all this was her room from earth. It even contained her family photos. Ellen smiled and walked towards them and stared at her mother's favorite photograph. She even placed the picture in her inventory hoping it would remain when she 'woke up.' Ellen smiled when her dog entered the room. She said, "Grimy and patted her legs after siting on her bed." Grimy licked her face and Ellen grinned while 'attacking' Grimy by playing with his checks.


Athena watched Ellen who was playing with the dog and grinned. Zeus watched and destroyed a few desks, but after collecting himself laughed, while delivering her a directive: You must not use magic in any struggle. Athena looked towards the sky and nodded. She looked at Ellen and cried but entered the room.


Ellen saw Athena enter the room and stared at her. Athena looked into her eyes and felt fear not for her life, but because she upset Ellen. She looked away from Ellen; however, Ellen said, face me.

Athena said, "I'm sorry; I was rash."

Ellen said, "Do you know what you did?"

Athena looked at the wooden floor said, "The most painful thing."


Athena looked at Ellen.

Ellen declared, "Never again."

Athena nodded and fled the area and stared towards the sky…


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