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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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7 Trap

After stabbing the outlaw, Ellen jogged on the poorly maintained road. She envisioned the island city of Corcyra and smiled thinking of its port and how it was one of the few places that had food from the real world. She licked her lips while thinking of eating steak and eggs. Ellen's belly rumbled once she saw a fox, but with her poor bow, she could not hit the fox and watch it run away. Ellen sighed while heading towards a bandit camp on the Doloran border.

Zeus peered at Ellen and wondered why she did not stay and train with the Spartans and leave after killing Alex. He breathed deeply and called for Athena. After walking through the marble courtyard Athena stared at her dad and spoke, "Father I will not allow her to suffer to the brute." Zeus smashed his table, causing electricity to escape his fist and damage the surrounding area. She studied him and exhaled, while petting her owl she added, "What would you have me do?"

Zeus countered, "You will aid her."

Athena gave her dad a kiss and replied, "Thank you."

Zeus then commanded, "You must limit your powers to the 'level' same as hers."

Athena replied, "Then give me a spear."

He studied his child and groaned while tossing her a helmet.

Athena giggled while grabbing the helm and entered a portal leading to the mortal realm.

Ellen walked past the entrance of the camp and grinned while looking at an old man at the entrance. The man was looking right at her, but did not react. Ellen viewed his stats and smiled.



[Level 99]

[Hitpoints 16]

[Mana 10]

Ellen looked at the old man transform, but soon a black mist poured out from his chest and covered his body, A blue sight shined and soon a little child with pink long hair escaped the mist and looked towards Ellen, while saying, "Why not kill me?"

Ellen looked at the child and said, "Because you would kill me if I did."

Zhen looked towards Ellen and responded, "I can kill you now no?"

Ellen smirked and said, "No, you cannot."

The child giggled and said, "How do you know?"

She walked away from the 'boy' and said, "It is best to avoid a trapper like you."

The 'girl' charged at Ellen, but stopped Ellen smiled at him and commented, "Are you a God or part of the invasion?"

The 'boy' stopped and squinted and said, "How do you know of the Invasion?"

Ellen spat at the child and said, "I will never aid the invasion."

The boy looked at Ellen and grinned while saying, "I am a God."

A white light radiated from the boy and a tall woman appeared holding a helmet.

The woman said, "Go on view my status."

When she heard the perfectly shaped woman's comment, "View my status." Her heart trembled. She looked at the woman and asked, "Athena?"

The woman walked towards Ellen and grabbed her jaw and responded, "Who else could dominate you like I am now?" Ellen's body trembled, and she looked at the Goddess viewed her status.



[Magical Assassin]

[Level 3]

[Hitpoints 200]

[Stamina 300]

[Mana 75]

Ellen looked at Athena and asked, "Are you really a God?"

Athena smiled and said, "My status says Goddess no?"

Ellen responded, "In a different world, I killed Gods before."

Athena replied, "You mean in your little game?" Ellen felt the world tremble and cracks formed in her vision, when Athena said the word 'game.' Ellen looked at Athena and asked, "What is going on?"


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