Surviving in the Game
6 Insanity
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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6 Insanity

After Alex brought Ellen to the spartan camp, he adjusted her purple bangs and studied at her girlish frame. While thinking of how she helped the Spartans win the battle, he declared "I will make you mine one day." He clutched his dagger and cut into Ellen's arm and wrapped it with a small cloth. Ellen squinted, but Alex only had eyes for the blood that was penetrating the cloth. He licked Ellen's cut, while breathing the cloth's scent and murmuring, "I will break you." Alex pet Ellen for an hour before his captain hailed him elsewhere.

Ellen had altered her games pain sensors, and ignored Alex's abuse. But hugged herself once he left her, and looked towards the sky while deciding on escaping. She remained in bed and observed to the surrounding troops. A nurse who had noticed Ellen squint walked towards her bed and announced, "If there is anything you need please let me know."

Ellen opened her eyes and said, "My weapons and armor."

The nurse replied, "They believe you to be Alex's pastime; other than for your instruction as an assassin they will not allow you to hold weapons. I'm positive they will provide you many excuses."

Ellen sighed and said, "Thank you for everything," and without warning 'attacked' the nurse's neck. The nurse smiled at Ellen when she was being attacked, because she understood her need to attempt an escape. Ellen stole the nurse's outfit and cut her hair short. Ellen walked towards a Spartan who was injured and resting on a wooden bed. She grinned while studying at his blade but stated, "You will fight again soon." Ellen grabbed some nearby bandages and changed them for the injured Spartan while she placed his sword into her inventory. After looking at her inventory, she sighed because she only had her starting gear, the Spartan sword and some gold. She looked towards, the exit and smiled because no one is walking towards her.

She watched Alex who was speaking with the captain and turned around. She studied at the injured servicemen and medical tools while walking towards the other side of the tent. Once she was at the exit, she looked towards the sky and reached out towards the sun.

Ellen walked towards the jungle, but a Spartan stopped her. Ellen remembered this Spartan, because he was the first one she freed and declared, "I am leaving; what will you do?"

He replied, "Alex?"

Ellen gasped and announced, "Yes."

Her Spartan friend grabbed her waist and stated, "Play along."

She leaned into him and said, "Darling," while allowing him to grab her legs and cradled her.

The Spartan replied, "Just call me Tim."

Ellen looked up at Tim, and said, "What now?"

Tim chuckled and dropped Ellen once they arrived in the forest and announced, "Don't worry, I will be fine."

Ellen looked at Tim and countered, "Will you leave me alone?"

Tim chuckled and rebutted, "I cannot leave Sparta, but you can."

Ellen hugged Tim and waved him goodbye while she headed towards Rome. She found a pathway leading from Aenis towards Corcyra and cried thinking of the lengthy stretch ahead of her, but she considered the position of a 'Freedwomen' and recognized it would be her best chance.

After trudging on the earthen road for a hours, Ellen caught a bandit near the trail and smirked. She studied the space around the outlaw; it had many bushes and towering trees. Ellen stepped into the forest and around the criminal while reaching for her sword. She examined her prey while he viewed a solitary traveler on the trail. The bandit slowly rose up while Ellen inspected his stats.

[Common Bandit]

[Level 1]

[HP 200]

[Stamina 100]

Ellen smiled because she was in the bandit's range and could attack him. Meanwhile, the hooligan was grabbing his bow and aiming it towards the traveler, but before he could fire he felt a strong pain in his back. He turned around and saw a purple-haired girl with a crimson sword. He hollered and moved for his sword, but Ellen kicked him ripping out her sword and making him fall. Ellen looked down on the bandit. She raised her sword and asked, "Do you have any last words?" However, before he countered a sword penetrated his skull. Ellen looted the bandits bow and arrows before heading towards the nearby suburb.


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