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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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5 Duel

Ellen recovered after meditating for a while. Once she was fully recovered, Ellen and the small squad that entered the prison before the fire started walked up the staircase to the roof. Where they saw the Athenian commander and some archers a decent distance away from her. The Spartan commander then ordered his men to attack. While Ellen pulled up the stats of the enemy commander and exhaled, adrenaline filled everyone's blood.

[Grail the Tormentor]


[Level 5]

[Hitpoints 500]

[Stamina 400]

[Mana 0/0]

[Condition Enraged]

[Deal and suffer 20% extra damage]

While the commander only had one escort next to her, the roof had many archers. Under the cover of the staircase, Ellen grabbed her daggers and placed some under her forearms and the rest on her waist. While looking at the sword on her hip, she grabbed her bow and aimed it at Grail, who was commanding the battle and hit the back of her head. It did 46 damage and dazed her, which allowed Ellen to fire another arrow, which did 31 damage. Grail ordered her men to attack the Spartans and grinned when they charged the Spartan group.

Grail hid behind a shield and grinned because they outnumbered the Spartans. Ellen grinned and looked towards the guards. She knew the Spartans could deal with them and watched while they formed a circle protecting each other's back. Ellen fired arrows at the guards from the safety of the staircase. With the aid of her 'Backstab' skill, her arrows were a great aid to the Spartans and allowed them a straightforward victory. After leeching EXP from the Spartans, Ellen looked at the enemy officer who was still hiding behind her Shield and cast 'Dagger Toss,' she tossed the dagger as high as she could and grinned when it took a path directly towards the top of Grail's head. The dagger smashed into the back of her helm and left her with only [273 hitpoints]. Seeing how it was consider a sneak attack, which did five times the normal damage and and how it stunned Grail, Ellen grinned and charged at Grail and ripped her shield from her hand. Grail slashed at Ellen with her sword, but her own shield blocked it. However, after blocking the strike, Ellen's arm trembled.

Because Ellen could not use the Shield properly, she jumped backwards and tossed it towards a Spartan. Ellen gazed at her own stats and sighed.



[Level 3]

[Hitpoints 75/200]

[Stamina 250/300]

Ellen sighed because that block tore away her her stamina, and tossed a dagger towards Grail; it was a normal toss which requires 5 stamina and did 1.5x normal damage. Ellen smiled when Grail failed block allowed the dagger to hit the inner part of her elbow which produced a bleeding affect, which did an extra 10 damage over time.

Ellen then looked at Grail's Hitpoints.


[Hitpoints 263(-12)]

Ellen exhaled and said, "Alex I'm sorry, but I cannot win this battle, please bury me in Sparta." Ellen tossed all her daggers towards Grail and two of them landed, and left Grail with 233 hitpoints. She then drew her bow while Grail charged at her and cast 'Taunt,' which would not allow Ellen to shift targets and lowered her damage by 20%. This skill makes up for a warrior's slow speed and lack of range skills.

Ellen roared while her sword clashed with Grail's but Grail overpowered her and jumped sideways while letting go of her sword. She looked towards Grail and said, "You may kill me, but Sparta will win this battle!" While Ellen was preparing her strike, Alex spoke to his commander and said, "She has never been trained, however her talent is limitless… Let me save her."

His commander looked back at him and said, "They will reward you for your efforts today and any punishment would be light in consideration." Alex tossed a spear towards Grail and it stunned her. Ellen noticed the spear incoming and charged at Grail. Their swords clashed but once the spear landed, Grail lost her footing which allowed Ellen to tackle Grail. She could not avoid the tackle and fell; her final sight was Ellen's smile with a sword in hand moving towards her head.

Ellen looked towards the Spartan commander and asked, "Do you need her?"

The commander shook his head.

Ellen looked at Grail and separated her head.

Ellen stared at Grail's body and was astonished because the spear did massive damage and stunned Grail. While falling over, she thanked Alex and gazed at the sky.

Ellen looked at her stats and sighed.


[Level 3]

[Hitpoints 75/200]

[Stamina 150/300]

[EXP 750/1050]

[Condition weakened muscles]

Ellen thought of Alex's spear toss and smiled because he saved her life, and considering the Spartan way of life, she owed him a monumental favor. After examining her condition, she knew Grail had used Fierce strike. She would be dead if his spear landed a moment afterward.

She glanced towards her savior and examined his data and fainted, before she was able to recover any weapons.



[Level 10]

Alex gazed at Ellen and said, "Spartan."

His commander nodded and replied, "But she is a woman."

Alex grinned and declared, "Then she will be an excellent assassin."


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