Surviving in the Game
4 All in Vain
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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4 All in Vain

The commander stared toward the battleground and sighed. His army had the shelter of the prison, but Spartans were the toughest military in the territory. He watched the Spartans walk together and set up their shields, setting up a wall with them and complained, "Such a basic, yet effective tactic," and howled "Fire." A volley of fiery arrows soon ignited a trap and formed a fiery wall around the prison, but the commander knew this ploy would simply hamper them.

The Spartan army stood outside the flaming wall and shouted, "Your time is burning." He turned towards one of his escorts and said let out any prisoners who hate Spartans and supply them. The escort sighed and objected to his command, but the commander pointed towards the enemy and said, "Kill as many as we can." His escort sighed because while his job was to look after the aristocrat, he knew it was impossible, and they would both die today.

Ellen heard the exchange from the staircase, and felt a slight pain in her chest but thought, "They are just NPC's." She went back down the staircase and looked at the dead guard's corpse. She adjusted his position making him look like he was sleeping and hid under the staircase. Ellen slapped herself, because she made such a silly mistake, but waited for the commander's escort. Once she saw the escort run towards the body and draw his sword, she used "Dagger Toss" before drawing her bow and shooting an arrow towards his head. After the dagger hit the back of his helm, he turned around the arrow hit his jaw. Ellen tossed another dagger at him before pulling her sword out of its scabbard and running towards him.

Ellen smiled because her earlier attacks caused him to lose his sense of balance and while he still held his sword, he could not hold it firmly. Ellen tossed her blade at him and grasped two daggers while plunging into him. The escort dodged the sword, but could not avoid Ellen and fell over. Ellen shoved both her daggers into his neck and fell over while gasping for air. She glared at the wooden roof and pulled up her stats and techniques.

[Prisoner Ellen]

[Level 2]

[Hitpoints 125/150]

[Stamina 20/250]

[Mana 50/50]

[EXP 100/750]

[Dagger Toss]- An upgraded skill that allows the user to toss a dagger at an enemy that will deal x2 daggers damage and cannot be avoided costs 15 Stamina with a 60 second cooldown.

[Backstab]- When attacking an opponent from behind, deal 30% bonus damage. Cost 1 stamina per second of activation.

[Archery] Manual mode.

[Bladed Weapons] Manual mode.

While she was recovering her stamina, she looked up and saw a sword over her head, but the Spartan saw her face and tossed the sword away. She exhaled and looked at the roof, after saying, "The commander should only have one escort protecting him, bring me his head." The Spartan commander asked, "Why is the Athenian not dead?"

Ellen said, "Because I am the one who freed him earlier."

The commander glanced at his man and demanded for him to explain. Ellen's Spartan friend informed the commander about the events that transpired before and seized his sword. Ellen looked towards her acquaintance and declared, "I may be die soon, but before I die can I know your name?"


She looked towards the Spartan commander and said, "May I see the Athenian's commander's head before I am killed?"

The commander stared at Ellen for a moment and said, "You can take it yourself."

Ellen stood up and answered, "It would be an honor sir, but let me catch my breath first."

The commander sighed, but after studying at the two Athenian bodies said, "You earned it."


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