Surviving in the Game
3 Finding Leadership
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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3 Finding Leadership

Ellen kicked the 'NPC' that she killed while spitting on his face. It was the same 'NPC' that had set her up with Richard. She suddenly clutched her dagger and pricked it into each of his eyes. She then glanced at the Spartans and said "Payback." They looked at Ellen and inhaled while dismissing any hopes on conquering her. She eyed the POW's and said, "You can consider it but can never act on it." Some of them sighed in response to that announcement. Ellen licked her bloody dagger and inquired "What are you all waiting for? We have little time to marvel at our work, put on the armor..."

The Spartans sighed as they each equipped the Athenian armor. They each executed a prisoner and dragged them along towards the entrance. Two guards greeted him and inquired, "What happened," while squinting and moving for their swords. Ellen cast 'Dagger Toss,' and the others charged at them. Outnumbering the guards they impaled their swords into their chests. She then admired the Spartans, who were removing their swords from the Athenian bodies. Ellen looted them and found more gold and a few snacks. Some prisoners noticed this escape had potential and asked to join in. Ellen smiled and let a few out of their units. While walking towards the kitchen because she saw a map of the prison and it had an exit for the servants.

It shocked Ellen because they had not run into any guards, but when they entered the kitchen, they saw a Spartan killing an Athenian they discarded their helms while calling him over. The Spartan saw them and nodded while bringing them outside. Ellen looked at the sky and screamed, 'Death to the Athenians!' After lowering her gaze she looked around and observed a spartan army besieging the prison. They soon charged into battle, but Ellen sprinted back inside the prison and changed into her basic armor, one that did not have the blue Athenian colors. She looked at the Spartan formation through a window and sighed.

Knowing she had to pick a side in this battle Ellen raised her sword towards the sky and pounded her chest. She covered her face with a rag and crouched down. She walked down the stone hallway and saw a staircase leading to the ceiling. There was only one person defending the staircase. Ellen tossed one of her daggers towards a path leading the guard away from the staircase. He drew his saber and called for help from above, but they told him it was likely a prisoner making the noise the Spartans have not yet invaded the jail. Ellen sighed because she could not lure the guard and explored the prison. She shuffled towards the guardhouse and laughed because there were no guards and stole items and gold.

She opened her inventory and smirked.


[2 iron swords]

[5 daggers]

[Athenian guard outfit]

[Athenian bow]

[20 arrows]

[Gold 15]

Ellen changed back into the Athenian outfit which used up 5 of her slots, and walked towards the guard, but he commanded, "Stop."

Ellen responded, "I have a message for the captain; let me cross." The guard directed her to remain while he briefed the commander and turned around. Seeing the 'NPC' turn its head she ran towards it while using her 'Dagger Toss.' It had hit his back causing the 'NPC' to bleed slowly, She swung her sword and slashed towards her right and into his upper body, but the guard blocked the strike before it landed, however he had lost of control of his sword. Ellen used her position and abandoned her blade and dove at the guard while she attacked his jaw and prepared a dagger with her other hand. Now that her hand covered the guard's mouth she used the dagger to stab his heart. Ellen trembled as she looked down on her kill. Without the adrenaline rushing through her, she thought that she actually killed someone. She sighed at her 'preposterous' theory and gradually ascended the staircase. While Peeking from the edge of the staircase, she saw the commander and two escorts at his side.


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