Surviving in the Game
2 Heart of a Spartan
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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2 Heart of a Spartan

Ellen smiled at the spartan while sneaking towards the other cell. They looked through the cell door and saw a guard being intimate with a spartan while rubbing a sickle into his arm. Ellen and walked behind the guard. When the Athenian parted lips with her victim, a dagger cut her neck. The 3 of them grinned while looking at the slowly dying Athenian. After killing the guard, Ellen stared up at the tied up spartan and squinted. He opened his jaw, but his fellow spartan shoved a piece of cloth in it. Ellen sighed and said, "What should we do with him."

The spartan gripped his sword and placed it on his shoulders. He started at Ellen and said, "Better not take a risk."

Ellen said, "Wait," while shaking her head.

He asked, "For what?"

She studied at the bound man and asked him "Do you prefer to die, as a Spartan?" The bounded man nodded in return. Ellen then looked at her fellow escapee and said, "He will die fighting."

The spartan said, "Well, lets free my fellow soldiers," while shaking his head.

After searching through the adjacent units, they had merely found two more Spartans, however Ellen smiled and said, "Who are you all?"

The men replied, "We are Spartans."

Ellen said "Where are the best women in the world?"


Ellen roared, "Then we will head to Sparta!"

With swords and daggers in hand, they had attempted sneaking around, but the prisoners saw them and cussed at them. The Spartans grinned in response, but knew they did not have much time. Ellen ran her fingers along the stone walls of the prison and looked towards the kitchen. One of the Spartans looked backwards and saw two guards. He snickered, while he charged at them both and with Ellen. She attacked the one on the left and while he dealt with the other one. Ellen clutched her sword and stretched her arms towards the guard, but he deflected her attack. While her attack was being deflected she used 'Dagger toss,' and seeing that the dagger would strike his eye she plunged at him and pushed it through his skull.

She looked towards the spartan, but he was observing her, while shaking his head and taking out his blade out of the other guard's heart. Ellen kicked her victim's body and pouted, while removing the dagger from his skull and stealing his sword. She gave it to a spartan who held a dagger and continued with the escape. She then gave away keys to the nearby cells, but very few people attempted escaping.

Ellen looked at the Spartans and laughed. They looked back at her and smiled. One of them said, "She handled herself well." Another one commented, "That is not it."

Ellen controlled herself and said, "We should kill more of them no?"

"You have the heart of a Spartan."

She responded, "No, I like the color of Athenian blood, care to show me more?"

They smiled at and said, "Spartan heart."

Ellen smiled at the men and said, "One day I hope to have half the heart you all have."

While heading towards the exit, she looked at her stats and pouted while recalling how she was level 99.

[Prisoner Ellen]

[Level 2]

[Hitpoints 100/150]

[Mana 50]

[Stamina 200/300]

[Inventory 5/30]

[EXP 0/750]

[Gold 5]

However, after looking at her new stats, she smiled because while she had slightly stamina then a normal rogue; she knew mana would be useful. Then looking at her gold coins sighed as a former guild leader she used to have millions.

Ellen questioned, "Will you all show me Sparta soon?"

They responded, "Very soon."


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