Surviving in the Game
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Surviving in the Game
Author :Forsaken123
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1 Starting Over?

Ellen pouted after looking around her prison cell because she found nothing of use even after looking around all the stone walls and the wooden door. From the small metal door, a lady stared at Ellen; She waved at the lady, whose skin was sagging, but the lady kept gazing at Ellen in silence. After entering into a staring contest with the lady, Ellen saw she did not react to any light or movement. She then saw the lady point towards Ellen's cellmate and shake her head.

Ellen turned around and looked at her cellmate. She squinted because he was licking his lips while staring at her. She looked down at the man, who was sitting on the floor. He looked up at Ellen with his dark brown eyes and said, "Will you please me?"

Ellen giggled and retorted, "Sure, tomorrow."

The man commanded her, "Now."

Ellen looked at his stats.

[Prisoner Richard]

[Level 5]

[Health 75/250]

[Stamina 20/250]

[Mana 0/0]

[Condition Starving]

While Ellen was looking at Richards stats he stood up and reached for her hair. When he was reaching out, Ellen screamed, but could not avoid his grasp. He pulled on her purple hair and kicked her legs before tossing her aside. Ellen fell and bruised her arm, but did not make a sound. She glared at him and raised her arms. The man gazed at his victim and smiled. He ran towards her and reached out, but Ellen rolled out of the way. While he hit the stone wall, Ellen stood up and smiled at him while cleaning herself off. He dove at her, but Ellen jumped aside causing him to hit the door.


Ellen smiled while saying, "Bring it on, fucker."

While Ellen was waving him over, he dusted himself off and stated, "Making you my slave will be an honor."

She stated, "A low level thug like you, would never stand a chance," while flipping him off.

He licked his lips and said, "Tough talk for my prison bitch."

"Real men take action, waiting for an invitation?"

He ran towards her again, but Ellen moved towards the side and stretched out her leg, causing him to fall. She peeked at his hitpoints and pouted.


The man looked at Ellen who was grabbing a dagger out of midair, and dove at her.

Ellen grinned and stated, "Now that I picked my class this 'battle' is over," after dodging his attack.

Richard asked her, "What is a class?"

She smiled and asked, "What is the point in answering a dead man's questions?"

He cleaned his arms and said, "Cunt, all you can do is dodge me."

Ellen activated her skill, 'Dagger toss,' and tossed her dagger at his head, but he blocked it with his arm. Noticing the dagger would only impale his arm, she dove at him and grabbed the dagger, but he kicked her into the wall. Ellen grunted, while she hit the stone wall, but held the dagger firmly. Ellen taunted him by saying, "Looks like you will bleed to death."

He touched his arm, and felt the blood pouring out of it. He kept charging at Ellen, but could never make contact with her. Ellen stared at him the whole time and repeated, "Slow and painful." With his final breath he reached out towards Ellen and tumbled. She looked at him as he fell and forced her dagger into the back of his head.

She looked around her cell, and knew this was a set up. She screamed, Help!

However, no one came. This confirmed it: "This was a setup." Ellen knew Richard must have been important considering they went so far out of there way to help him, but begged the question, "Why was he starving?"

Ellen looked at her stats

[Prisoner Ellen]

[Level 1]

[Hitpoints 70/100]

[Mana 25]

[Stamina 60/250]

[Inventory 5/30]

[EXP 300/500]

Ellen then placed her iron dagger into her inventory, and looked at her starting kit, while muttering, "That bastard forced me into being a rogue," while kicking his dead body. She gazed at the blood around her and sighed, before wondering "Why do I still have some mana?"


One of the prison guards in the kitchen said, "That little temptress must be having fun with Richard about now."

Another responded, "I think she was calling for help earlier."

"Might have been her, but I only heard her say it once."

"He must have only said it once, fucking noble wasted the goods."

"Bring him some food later, if his family finds out we did not feed him; it could become an issue."

The guard smashed the table and said, "Fucking nobles."


Ellen covered Richards blood, with dirt from the floor and dragged him into the corner on the far side of the room. She opened her inventory and looked at the gear she obtained from selecting her class, a light set of armor and two daggers.

After looking at Richard, Ellen adjusted his body. The cuts on his body will now be hidden from anyone viewing from outside. Ellen placed her head on his lap and stared at the door, after placing some of Richards blood on her body. She dug a small hole under each of her hands and hide the tips of her daggers in both. Shortly a guard knocked on the door, and Ellen responded, "Master is not moving, help!!"

The guard opened the door, and ran towards Richard and reached out to check his pulse. Ellen saw him relax his guard, and smashed both of her daggers into his forehead, while gagging him. Once she felt his body go limp, she dropped him and sighed. She looked at the man's inventory and smiled, because it had a list of prisoners and some keys. Ellen cut her the Edges of her hair, and dawned the guards armor. She then looked at the list and discovered some prisoners of war, which thought could be useful. She then grabbed the guards short sword and entered the prison hall.

It would not be long before she was discovered. She headed towards the cells of the war prisoners and saw that there was two guards administering punishment.

Each prisoner of war had their own cell, and they even left the doors open. Ellen thought, "Perhaps so that the other prisoners can hear there suffering?" She entered one of the cells and saw a woman beating on a Spartan prisoner of war. Ellen crouched and signaled the Spartan to be silent. He did not even react, when she was assassinating his torturer. Only when Ellen stabbed the woman in the back of the head and gagged her. Did the Spartan finally show his emotions and spat on the dead woman and while gazing at Ellen.

"Do you want to kill some Athenians?"

The Spartan smiled at Ellen in response.

Ellen cut the ropes that bound the Spartan, and tossed him a few keys, while handing him a sword. The Spartan looked at Ellen and said, "How many have you killed?"

She responded, "Two," while telling him about the other Spartan prisoners.

The Spartan nodded, and asked "Do you have a plan?"

"Five Spartans vs four Athenian guards; do I need one?"

"Good point."


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