Reborn: Legendary Female General is here!
37 As empty as the void
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Reborn: Legendary Female General is here!
Author :Silver_kai
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37 As empty as the void

"The winner is Ye FengTian!" Madam Wu announced. She then went on to organise the next completion. It was shocking really, no one expected that Ye FengTian was 'that' Ye FengTian! The Ye FengTian that is also widely known as the Ye household's weakest and timidest Young Miss.

The Ye Feng Tian renowned as the Ye family's precious treasure. But despite knowing that she was Ye FengTian was still the daughter of a general , no body expected her to be able to fire a bow and arrow. It was beyond expected for any girl of a household to be able to even hold a bow. After all, the competition was really just for show.

A while passed, and the last few heats went buy quickly. No one was able to hit the target. Some couldn't even hold the bow properly.

A girl walked off, she was the last person to compete in the second last heat. Her head was down and she dejectedly walked up to her friend.

"Ugh, ever since Ye FengTian hit the target, it's like I'm making my self loose even more face by not even shooting the arrow in the right direction!" The girl brought her hands to her now red face.

"It's alright. She is the daughter of a General! Of course she can shoot an arrow! In fact, wouldn't she be the embarrassment of the Ye family if she couldn't? Ah, but it's just a shame that she only shot it at the blue ring.."

A girl about the age of 16 said gently To comfort her friend , her voice was smooth like spring, and her eyes gentle and kind. Her beauty was soft and calming, similar to spring.

Ye FengTian showed no reaction whatsoever as she stepped down calmly from the platform.

"Wu mei, it's your turn to shoot!" Madam Wu ordered as she directed Ye FengTian to a seat on the side.

"Alright." Wh Mei said calmly, her voice gently and soothing. She had a calm and relaxed expression as she shot her arrow. No one was expecting for the arrow to suddenly hit the red target.

Just as Madam wu was about to call out 'Next!' Her mouth dropped wide open. She looked at Wu Mei and then to Ye FengTian repeatedly, back and forth.

Ye FengTian had a blank expression. Suddenly, Madam Wu saw something she had never seen before in all her years of working as a supervisor. She saw, an expression, no- it wasn't quite right to call it a expression.

It was just, when she looked into those amethyst eyes behind the white veil, they looked so very empty. Like the void.

"I- ..uh- ..ok, good job Wu Mei, other contestants, do you still wish to compete?" She asked the three other contestants in that particular heat. Perhaps it was just their luck, but they unluckily were chosen to be in a group with Wu Mei.

Well, Madam Wu did help to save them some face. She didn't even need to ask, it was obvious. The three girls shook their heads as they walked glumly off the stage. Wu Mei smiled as she turned to face Madam Wu.

"Alright, Wu Mei, you are the winner!"

As Madam Wu Concluded the Archery competition. She noticed the second prince of the Wang Kingdom, Wang Zhou, walk up to her. Wang Zhou was a very handsome, just like any other prince of the Wang Kingdom, he was charming and good looking. He had a strong and determined aura that radiated the 'knight in shining armour' stereotype.

Madam Wu had a knowing look in her eyes as she bowed and nodded her head politely to the prince.

"Madam Wu, That girl just then..she was Wu Mei?" The prince addresses Madam Wu directly, casting a small glance at Wu Mei as he mentioned her name.

Madam Wu nodded her head. She had a feeling she knew what was going on now.

"Cough* Well.. I was just wondering which household she is from...,cough* if you understand this Prince's intentions."

"Of course. This old woman knows very well. To answer Second prince's question. Wu Mei is the right Prime Minister's daughter. "

"Ah. Thank you. I will surely reward you for your information. " Suddenly, Wang Zhou pulled out a bright, big, gold bar. It was the old prototype but if was still valuable. He silently passed the gold bar into Madam Wu's hand. She expected it with a bow and smiled as she sent the Prince back to his seat with a soft smile.

Meanwhile two people witnessed the exchange between Madam Wu and the Second Prince Wang Zhou, Wu Mei and Ye FengTian.

Wu Mei smiled softly when she noticed the prince glance at her. She knew she had predicted correctly.

Ye FengTian has a blank expression in her eyes. She noticed the exchange, however she had absolutely no reaction. Her eyes were only focused on two things.

1. The assassin behind Wang Xue.

2. The maid next to Wu Mei, who was carrying poison.
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