2 Vongola Undecisimo
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Author :ChibaNaozumi
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2 Vongola Undecisimo

Ten years in the future, a young boy would be known to the mafia world as the successor of the legendary Vongola Decimo. His name and existence was still unknown to them before 'that' event. As for now, Home Tutor/Hitman that goes by the name of Reborn wanders in the outskirt of Santa Rosa which is located in Laguna - a province in the Philippines.

"As far as I can tell, he was supposed to be studying in his first year in high school as of now." the black-suited man named Reborn talked to himself.

Without paying any mind to the people around him - who were supposed to be weirded out to how he was presenting himself in public, he wanders in the said city. He looked for nearby schools to where he was located - a crowded place which was packed with food vendors, students, and passerby. He finds himself hungry as he locates the school where the students are coming from and stop by a near food stall.

"May I buy this one?" Reborn asked the vendor to give him the white round meat in a stick which he guessed as a "dango".

"Oh, sige kuha ka lang! Dalawang piso ang isa. (Oh, just pick whatever you like! It is just for two Philippine Peso per piece.)" the vendor told him.

Fortunately for Reborn, he can understand multiple languages thus, letting him easily understand it.

(For the rest of the story, all Tagalog also termed as Filipino words will be written in whole English)

"Will this be okay?" Reborn handed over his newly exchanged money to fit his needs as he stays in the Philippines.

"Yes sir, just wait for your change." the vendor hastily turn into a box container which consists of coins for changes.

"No, you can keep your change."

Reborn savored the food they call "squid balls" as he looks around him for that man.

It was burning outdoors at that time so he looks for a place to keep himself away from the sun. Just on the other side of the road, he found a shed where he can stay for a little longer. He hastily runs for it to avoid a direct hit from the sun.

"*sighs* What time will that guy show up? I remember that I drop a letter in their house the other day for him to meet with me." Reborn moans.

With his sharp hearing, he heard some grunts near him. Probably, a bullying incident in an alley which is located in his left. It does not have anything to do with him yet, it bothers him.

"Those jerks," he uttered to himself. "I have no time to waste so I have to make it quick."

He walks near the alley and there, he found three guys, one of them is on their knees. Luckily for Reborn, he finally saw the man he was looking for, the thing that is just unfortunate to know, the man he was looking for was a bully.

There, stood a man with a tan-colored skin and black hair. He has clear brown eyes and his aura is different from the mafia boss Reborn has ever trained before. He knew it from the start that this man is bad news. He is far different among the Vongola bosses before because this man is a troublemaker, he was sure of it right at their first actual meeting.

"Well, well. Here you are all along, Gabriel Hernandez. I was looking for you for so long."

When the man named Gabriel Hernandez has heard of it, he felt uneasiness in his body. Somehow, his body became heavy for him to carry. This pressure was caused just by the stern words of Reborn.


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