One With The Heavens
3 A Princess Appears
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One With The Heavens
Author :Ellendria
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3 A Princess Appears

I drifted off to sleep pretty quickly there, when I suddenly heard a little girls voice calling out and saying dinner is ready. I quickly sat up and headed out my room. I turned around and locked my door. I found myself wishing I had an inventory to store my key in when, suddenly, it vanished. No way... Do I actually have one?! I thought 'Inventory' in my mind, and suddenly I saw the key floating in front of me inside a white clear cube. I willed the key out and back in and it worked! The white cubes seemed endless and I can zoom out and see them smaller. This'll definitely come in handy! I closed my inventory with my key back in it, and walked down the stairs. As I was reaching the bottom, the front door of the inn swung open and a heaven defying and apocalypse causing beauty walked in. Great..

As I hurriedly made my way over to one of the tables in the bar area, I heard the voice of the beauty. "I'll be needing your best room for the night, hot bath water, and my personal chefs will be using your kitchen to prepare my meal. Here is your money." I heard the sound of a slightly heavy coin sack hit the reception counter, and then the proprietress grabbed a key and said, "Of course anything for you Princess Chang'e Zhaojun, right this way please." They then made their way up the stairs, as a few lethal looking men glared over at everyone in the bar, one of them said, "Eyes on your own business, don't let me mistake any of you for assassins!". I shivered and looked down at my table. Before long, the cold as ice killing intent vanished, and we could all breathe again.

One of the kitchen girls hurried over with a plate of salad, some rice and a small chicken. I cupped my hands and bowed to the girl who was close to my age. She blushed crimson and ran away back to the kitchen; though I saw her peeking around the corner after I began to eat. Heh. The salad and chicken were bland, but food is food and I spent quite some time getting used to this world already. Some day I'll eat delicious food again! Anyway I'm done here, so back to my room.

I walked up the stairs and summoned my key to open my room. As I lay down on my bed, I heard talking from just behind my head. "Princess, there is no way the prophecy was talking about such a backwater place as this. To think, that the Savior would be here around this time period? I don't know why your father humored your decision to come out here." This was said by one of the Princess's body guards. "Uncle Rou, I'm certain he is here! The Savior is no normal boy! He is the most loved, and cherished Son of the Heavens! The prophecy of his arrival points to here and now; however not what he looks like.." This was said by the Princess in an anxious voice. I sighed, because I'm no fool. They're obviously looking for me. Good thing I'm leaving in the morning.

As I started to drift off to sleep this time I heard a ding and saw a notification.

[Host gained new title, 'Savior of Prophecy'. This title greatly increases your luck, virtue, and charm. Congratulations host. The heavens truly do favor you.]

I laughed lightly before I finally fell unconscious. Next I knew, it was morning and time to get going. I thanked the proprietress for everything, and went outside and quickly headed to the stables. As I was going around the corner I almost ran into a girl in a hooded black cloak. I quickly moved aside and apologized, then I started to head to my horse. As I climbed on Sleip, and started heading out of the stables towards the west gate, the girl stepped forward and stopped me.

"I'm sorry, but by my orders as Princess Chang'e Zhaojun no men under the age of 20 are permitted to leave this village until further notice." I had no idea at this time, that my true identity as the Savior and my ties of fate to this Princess would be brought into the open this very day. And so it begins. "Eh?!"


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