My MCV and Doomsday
443 Honeycomb Arena
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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443 Honeycomb Arena

Lu Changyang's eyes flashed as he also saw Jiang Liushi who had just entered followed by several paranormals. At the same time, he noticed that Li Yinqiang was staring at Jiang Liushi with great interest. Naturally, Lu Changyang was fuming in anger as it seemed that the military and government paid great attention to Jiang Liushi. It also meant that his brother would get affected by this matter. If that could be tolerated, what could not?

"What happened?" Li Yinqiang asked because he saw Jiang Liushi heading straight to the Honeycomb Arena.

Currently, in the Honeycomb Arena, two groups of people were fighting against each other. The situation was somewhat complicated as one group had fewer combatants, and most of them had been hurt. As soon as Jiang Liushi entered, he joined the injured group's side.

"It's probably a conflict," the middle-aged manager said with a complicated expression. Actually, conflicts such as this were the Rock Club's bread and butter. "Should I go and deal with it?" He looked at Li Yinqiang and carefully asked.

"No." Li Yinqiang responded with a smile. "Let them fight it out."

The fat manager was quite shocked by Li Yinqiang's response, but he calmed down quickly.

Lu Changyang also heaved a sigh of relief, and he smiled sardonically in anticipation of how the situation would escalate.

Leopard also grinned as he thought that Captain Li was a busybody. Lu Changfei's ideals had also been influenced by Li Yinqiang. They both believed that survivors could only evolve faster in the most dangerous environments.

"Oh, the other group of people seem to be Black Water's members, right?" Li Yinqiang asked Lu Changyang suddenly.

Lu Changyang was both shocked and scared. "It's like... Yeah, Captain Li. It's my fault... I should be stricter with them in the future..."

"Drop the act! I know that you are a schemer," Li Yinqiang said slowly.

"I-" Lu Changyang didn't know what to say. He couldn't guess what Li Yinqiang was thinking at all.

"Don't be afraid. I've been planning to rope in new people in the military's Special Forces. I hope your team will perform well," Li Yinqiang said.

"Yes, Captain Li. You can rest assured that I will let my people deal with Jiang Liushi." Hearing Li Yinqiang's words, Lu Changyang became ecstatic. He didn't expect that Li Yinqiang detested Jiang Liushi. Moreover, it was a great privilege for any paranormal to join the military as they could provide them with wonderful resources and perfect training conditions.

"Oh, Lu Changyang! Hahaha! It seems you misunderstood Captain Li's intentions. What he meant was that the military wants to invite Jiang Liushi to join its ranks. If your members are not up to the challenge, then the battle will be boring," Leopard explained with a cold smile. 

Lu Changyang looked at Li Yinqiang at once, and he noticed a slight smirk on his face.

"F*cking boy!" Lu Changyang cursed in his mind. He wondered why Jiang Liushi was able to make him lose face every single time their paths crossed.

After the Cage Arena, the Honeycomb Arena was the most confined arena. Its terrain was rocky and mutant wasps were the arena's predators. The overwhelming sounds coming from the wasp colony made it hard to communicate, and everyone had to shout to be heard. All of the wasps had been bred inside artificial rockery crevices, and most of them were moving in and out ceaselessly. If weak-hearted people were to see this terrifying scene, they would undoubtedly faint on the spot. 

Jiang Liushi looked down and saw two poor fellows lying on the ground. They were Wang Chuanfu and Ling Feng respectively. It was hard to recognize them as their faces were deformed and their lips looked like sausages. Jiang Luishi could vaguely recognize them by their clothes. Although they were paranormals, the mutant wasps' toxicity was terrifying. Not to mention that both of them had hundreds of stings all over their bodies. They could be considered lucky for just passing out. Fortunately, the arena's supervisors had injected them in time with the antidote, or else they would have died from anaphylactic shock. 

Along the way, Little Seven and Qi Liang had been giving all the necessary information to Jiang Liushi. To sum it up, Black Water had used underhanded means to bully them. Originally, Wang Chuanfu and Ling Feng had visited this place to exercise, but they had not expected that Black Water's members would also be there to taunt them into a fight.

Each of Rock Club's arenas was built in consideration with paranormals' different abilities. Some of them were suitable for paranormals that wanted to increase their reaction speed or improve their strength.

Ever since Wang Chuanfu had witnessed Jiang Liushi's battle against Lu Changfei, he had been feeling envious of Jiang Liushi's reaction speed, so he had entered the Honeycomb Arena to train. The more dense packs of wasps were released, the higher the response requirements were.

After Wang Chuanfu had entered, Black Water Organization's members also went in and then they started provoking them. Wang Chuanfu had been infuriated, so he fought with them. However, Black Water had asked the supervisors to release a large number of wasps, and soon after, Wang Chuanfu lost the battle and was thrown out of the arena.

Black Water's members had humiliated him, and they had even started cursing at Doom Walker. Naturally, Ling Feng had been infuriated and jumped into battle. If he had not done so and let it pass, nobody else would want to join them anymore. However, his state was more miserable than Wang Chuanfu as the wasps had immediately attacked him and he fainted.

In the end, they started taunting Little Seven and Qi Liang. Fortunately, they were clever, and they rushed to ask Jiang Liushi for help.

"Brother Jiang, we know you can do it!" Qi Liang looked at Jiang Liushi with expectation.

Jiang Liushi looked at them speechlessly.

"What are you talking about? Did you let us waiting for such a long time to go and bring a trash? He is just an ordinary person! Hahaha! I can't hold it in! Paranormals asked an ordinary person to help them!? It's hilarious!" A young man standing opposite Jiang Liushi laughed at him.

Several wasps were hovering above his head, so nobody dared to stay close to him, so they were just watching the battle from far away. 

"No matter who you are, we will fight with you as long as you are Doom Walker's member," the young man shouted. "Vice President Lu Changyang has ordered us. Doom Walker is indeed a poor team. You don't even own a club! We will drive you out of this public club too. Poor people should go and find zombies if they want to train-"

"Noisy." Jiang Liushi slightly frowned. And then he turned to stare at that young man.

Suddenly, he rushed out at such an incredibly high speed that the naked eyes could not keep up with. The wasps seemed to have no effect on him at all.

He punched in an unimpeded manner and stuck the young man's abdomen heavily. The young man groaned in pain and felt as if he had been hit by a sledgehammer. At the same time, his body was sent flying a few meters away, slamming against a tree.

The young man's teammates stood aghast from shock!

How could it be true!? How could an ordinary man send a paranormal flying!?


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