My MCV and Doomsday
428 One Powerful Paranormal
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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428 One Powerful Paranormal

"Attack a beast nest," Hou Dingkun answered with a solemn expression. Although Jiang Liushi was a calm person, he was also shocked when he heard this answer.

The beast nests were the lairs of massive mutant pests. A female worm could produce a huge group of monsters. In the past, Shenhai Safety Island had rockets, anti-aircraft guns as well as many other powerful weapons and thousands of trained soldiers. However, it had still fallen under the mutant insects' relentless attacks.

Jiang Liushi estimated that a large number of giant beasts and mutant insects had rushed inside through tunnels, which was also the most vulnerable point, resulting in Shenhai Island's fall.

"Attack a beast nest? That's a suicide mission!" The short-haired young man exclaimed in shock. They had just escaped from Senhai Island, and the terrible bloody scenes were still fresh in their minds.

"Qi Liang, don't talk," Wang Chuanfu said, and then he turned to look at Hou Dingkun. If Hou Dingkun did not have a reasonable explanation, he would not do anything to attack that nest.

"Actually, it is not as scary as you think. We have faced two beast tides, but Xiayuan Island's concrete walls and the military's heavy artillery were enough to defend against the attacks. In the process, many mutant beasts and insects were killed. Recently, a military elite team probed the beast nest and found that there were not many mutant beasts inside. It's the best time to attack them. Moreover, the military will be the main force, and we'll only have to clear the area near the beast nest. The more areas we clean up, the higher the points we will get in the level-5 mission," Hou Dingkun explained, and they were all relieved.

"Okay, we will help you with this mission. When will it start?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"The two level-3 Wilderness Orders will take place tomorrow, while the level-5 one will take place in a week. I will send Little Seven to inform you when the time comes," Hou Dingkun said with a happy smile.

The atmosphere had suddenly eased a lot. Jiang Liushi talked with Wang Chuanfu for a while and then left, following after Little Seven. After getting out of the dark 5th Channel, the snowstorm outside seemed to have gotten stronger.

In the area where the civilians lived, there were some tall and strong buildings under the foot of the mountain. In front of these buildings, there were sentries and barbed wire, which seemed to be independent of civilian areas.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi heard the distant sound of radio broadcasting. "... The People's Broadcasting Station in Xiayuan Security Island broadcasts for the sixth time today. Dear listeners, we have just received good news. The Black Water Alliance from our security zone has just returned from Weixi County. Their attack was a success, and they cleaned up a large area. It's another victory for the people of Xiayuan…"

"Black Water Alliance?" Jiang Liushi furrowed his brows. The Black Water Organization had apparently just completed a large-scale pioneering mission and had actually been awarded through the radio.

"F*ck! They were rewarded again. We must work hard and speed up," Little Seven said sadly.

"Hey, broadcasting the news is useful. Brother Jiang, the officers of Xiayuan Island, are so smart…" Sun Kun said excitedly. Jiang Liushi nodded because he also agreed with that idea. He also believed that the ones making the decisions were very skilled.


Suddenly, a fierce engine sound was heard from afar, and Jiang Liushi looked toward that direction and saw eight military trucks.

"Black Water!" Little Seven said. When they passed beside them, Jiang Liushi and Sun Kun looked inside curiously. Everyone in the military trucks was quiet and expressionless.

'Excellent,' Jiang Liushi secretly judged in his mind.

"Huh?" Suddenly, Jiang Liushi felt a very powerful energy fluctuation which shocked him and made him remember Chang Shengkai. Unfortunately, because of the different angles, Jiang Liushi did not find who he was.

At a tall building in a civilian area, Lu Changyang was currently smoking at the top floor. The curtains on both sides were tightly drawn, dimming the light outside.

Suddenly, the door was opened. A sturdy, bald young man walked in with his bare body. On his chest were a few razor-sharp and quite deep wounds. If the wounds were a little deeper, the young man would probably have been split in half.

"What was the matter with you again?" The strange young man asked with a special voice as he looked at Lu Changyang. As he was walking in, he picked up a thick towel behind the door and put it on his head.

"Brother, you're heavily hurt!?" Lu Changyang was shocked.

The strange bald young man was Lu Changyang's blood brother and Black Water's leader, Lu Changfei. Although he was older than Lu Changyang, he looked younger than him.

"Well, the mission in Weixi County was harder than expected. There was a level-2 mutant zombie, but I eventually killed it," Lu Changfei said while taking out a large bottle of icy water which he then poured on top of his head. As he was doing that, Lu Changyang dared not say a word and just waited quietly.

"Finished." Lu Changfei suddenly stood up and threw away his towel.

"Brother, are your wounds okay?" Lu Changyang asked.

"You don't have to worry. I was stunned by the level-2 mutant zombie as it was poisonous. My flesh's mutant cells drove the poisoned cells away just now. As for my other wounds, they will be healed on their own," Lu Changfei said leisurely. "What's wrong with you? Tell me." Actually, he didn't like his little brother's character…

"I...I went to Doom Walker today, hoping to poach a Level B team, but I failed because of a Level C team, which we had just posted a reward for capturing and killing them." Lu Changyang said, but his brother remained expressionless.

"Oh, it's a trivial matter. Don't mind. We will kill them the next time we meet them. I heard they also accepted the level-5 mission. We can find the opportunity to kill them when we attack the nest. As for that Level C, can't you deal with them by yourself?" Lu Changfei said.

"Yes," Lu Changyang answered after hearing his brothers' words.

"Well, I'm going to exercise. Let's get those fresh goods that I got a few days ago in!" Lu Changfei said. He was just like a fierce tiger.

Three caged mutant beasts were led into a chamber where the two brothers were.

"Changyang!" Lu Changfei groaned. His brother understood his meaning at once and hurriedly pressed a button.

Immediately the lock in the cage was opened, and the three mutant beasts rushed out of it. At the same time, Lu Changfei also rushed toward them.

Lu Changyang had seen such a scene many times already, and this caused him to admire his brother greatly.

'Shi Ying Squad, Doom Walker as well as that Aeolus Squad, I'm afraid you don't know how terrifying my big brother is. Sooner or later, you will all die!" Lu Changyang thought.

When they returned to their place of residence, the aroma of food attacked Jiang Liushi's nostrils. He glanced at the kitchen and saw two busy and graceful figures. They were Ran Xiyu and Li Yuxin. Seeing this scene, Jiang Liushi felt he was at home.

"You're back?" After watching them for a while, Li Yuxin suddenly heard a movement behind her. Looking back, she saw Jiang Liushi peeping inside.

"Are you cooking?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Ah. They actually provide vegetables and eggs here. We haven't eaten fresh vegetables for a long time." Li Yuxin looked a little excited. The taste of the homemade food had not been enjoyed for a long time.

However, Jiang Liushi was still very surprised. He guessed that the government had planted vegetables in greenhouses. "

Brother Jiang, go out. The smell of smoke is a bit heavy," Ran Xiyu said.

Jiang Liushi nodded. It was quite nice that two beautiful girls were making dinner for them.

"Well, I'll go and see my sister." Jiang Liushi returned to his minibus. He looked carefully at Jiang Zhuying who was in a deep sleep. And then he carefully covered her with a blanket.


'Seven active seeds are ready.'

'Eight mutant Aphis grow unstable and require rare metals to be complex...'

"Four mutant seeds show no signs of response due to lack of nutrition…'

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi received many notifications from Starseed.


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